secret relationships

17 year old Christy Morr is dating her best friends older brother Zayn Malik this is the one secret that she cant tell her.


1. About us

Name: Christy Morr


Bio: HI i'm Christy Morr and i'm 17. I have black hair that goes down to the middle of my back and bright blue eyes I go to West Wood high school with my best friend Anna Malik we have been friends since elementary school she the person i tell everything but there is one thing i cant tell her. I'm dating her older brother Zayn malik from one direction.


Name:Anna Malik


Bio: Hi i'm Anna Malik Zayn Malik little sister and i'm 17. I have brown hair that goes down to my shoulders and blue eyes I am a junior at West Wood high school my best friend is Christy Morr we have been friends since elementary school she tells me everything but i think her and my brother are hiding something from me. 




Authors note

HI everyone thinks for reading this is my first fan fiction so please tell me what you think 




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