The Start of A New Life Journey

This is a story about a girl named Elizabeth Furgesse. She lives with her adoptive parents Mark and Lynette. She found out she was adopted when she was about 12 years old. Why they kept it from her for that long? Nobody knows. She hates them with a passion. She is bullied all through Middle school and High school. Mark and Lynette always talk about how messed up she is and how she wont ever do good in life. But what happens when Elizabeth tries to find her real family and finds out something that will change her life forever......

~No Hate. This is my first Movella so please no hate.~


5. Chapter 3

             ~3 Days Later~ 


               Isabella's POV:

 Why does everything happen to me? What did I do that was so wrong? The suspect was identified. Mark Allen Fergesse, Elizabeth's Adoptive Father. I guess 'm not the only one going to an orphanage.

                   Elizabeth's POV:

       The suspect was Mark?!?! Meaning he is going to jail? Yes! I am going to an orphanage. I can't really live by myself yet because I am only 16 but oh well. Beats living with 'them'. Isabella is still devastated but, atleast I got her talking again. Today the police are taking us to the orphanage.

                      ~Car ride~


        " Okay, ladies, When we get here we have to change your names."

       " What?! Why?!?" Isabella said as her nostrils flared." When, Mark gets out, he knows your names so you have to change them so he wont find you and kill you to." Officer Jakobson said while sipping on his coffee. I just rolled my eyes and slumped back into my seat. This week couldn't get any worse. We pulled up outside the orphanage and Isabella and I got out our luggage and started up the stairs to the door. We went in and sat in chairs. The officers talked for about 20 minutes then a worker came over and said, "Okay. Hailey and Ashley. Follow me to your rooms." I slowly but shyly stood up and followed. I walked in to a room with pink walls. There was a bed and a desk in it. The duvet was pink with peace signs on it. Isabella, or should I say Hailey, set her stuff down. I hugged her and then followed to my room. It was right next to Hailey's room. It had light purple walls. In the room, there was a desk and a bed also. The duvet color was purple with white and pink polka dots. I set down my ole blue suitcase and slowly sat at the desk. I put my head in my hands. My thoughts flood like a pool in my brain. So bad that I got a head-ache. What did I do to deserve such a horrible life? I was already in an orphanage once and I'm in one again. Am I really that unlikable to be thrown from place to place? I guess so...  

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