The Start of A New Life Journey

This is a story about a girl named Elizabeth Furgesse. She lives with her adoptive parents Mark and Lynette. She found out she was adopted when she was about 12 years old. Why they kept it from her for that long? Nobody knows. She hates them with a passion. She is bullied all through Middle school and High school. Mark and Lynette always talk about how messed up she is and how she wont ever do good in life. But what happens when Elizabeth tries to find her real family and finds out something that will change her life forever......

~No Hate. This is my first Movella so please no hate.~


4. Chapter 2 (Short Author's Note)

        A/N I am so sorry I didn't update sooner.. We are having trouble with my grandpa. SO, Since I haven't updated for like ever, I am updating 3 chapters!!!


                          Elizabeth's POV:

  Isabella got under her bed and got us each one of her softball bats. I slowly opened the door and ran down the stairs like a retard swinging the bat until I noticed I hit something. I look down and see a man about 5'7' lying on the floor out cold with a ski-mask on. He had a bag full of money and jewelry in it. "Isabella! I hollered upstairs. That's when I looked over and noticed something horrifying, her whole family were shot and killed. She came down and stopped right in her tracks. At first she was in complete shock, then she fell to the floor sobbing uncontrolablly I decided to call 999.

999: Hello. What's your emergency?

Elizabeth: My friend's family has been killed by a robber..

999: What's the address?

Elizabeth: 145 Washington Blvd.

999: Alright. Help is on the way. Please stay calm and is the robber stil there?

Elizabeth: I hit him with a bat but he is  unconscious.

999: Alright. Keep the bat with you just in-case.

Elizabeth: Alright goodbye.

 I tried to calm Isabella down, "Don't worry help is on the way."  She sobbed on my shoulder until police came and took us to the police station with them. About an hour later, the police got a call from the hospital. The suspect was identified.

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