The Start of A New Life Journey

This is a story about a girl named Elizabeth Furgesse. She lives with her adoptive parents Mark and Lynette. She found out she was adopted when she was about 12 years old. Why they kept it from her for that long? Nobody knows. She hates them with a passion. She is bullied all through Middle school and High school. Mark and Lynette always talk about how messed up she is and how she wont ever do good in life. But what happens when Elizabeth tries to find her real family and finds out something that will change her life forever......

~No Hate. This is my first Movella so please no hate.~


3. Chapter 1

                                 ~Sorry I just got out of writers block~


                                                                  Chapter 1:

                  I lay on my bed. My music all the way up. Sitting on near my window. Watching all the cruel kids walk past my beat up flat. Just then I hear a hellion voice yell from downstairs. My adoptive mother. "BITCH!" ,She yells. There's my cue. I stumble down the last few steps as I hear her screeching stop. She just stands there. I shrug and begin to walk upstairs. She places her hand on my shoulder and spins me around on my heels. " Clean! Mark and I have our boss coming and I want this apartment spotless," she says walking off. Our flat has stairs but our basement is another flat. I slowly walk up stairs to get all the buckets and scubs I'm gonna need. Mark walks past me and nudges me. All the thinks I had fell out of my hands and down the stairs. "Ughhhh," I sigh bending down to pick up all the things I dropped. Then I feel a hand on my bum. I turn to see Mark. He had a evil smirk on his face. I roll my eyes and walk off to start the kitchen. 'Sheesh!! Do these people clean?' I think to myself as I walk in to the kitchen to find dishes stacked to the ceiling. I start dishes first. After an hour and a half the dishes were finally finished. I start mopping when Lynette stomps into the kitchen. She is dumb. She sees that I am mopping and walks in anyway. She ends up on the floor all soaked. "YOU STUPID IDIOT!" She yells running off to change. I just shrug it off. Finally, after 4 hours, I'm completly finished. I put everything away and slump down on the couch. Then I hear a knock at the door. i get up to answer when Lynette pushes me onto the stair and whispers "Go up stairs, Bitch. It's where you belong. I don't know why Mark and I adopted you in the first place. You just a fat, ugly, bitch just like everyone says you are." Tears sting my eyes as I walk upstairs and hear them talking. " Hello Mr.Andrews." I hear Lynette say. I turn up my music and cry to Use Somebody by Kings Of Leon. I have nobody but Isabella. I decide to run away. I pull open my cracked window. I see the crack and remember the first day I moved into this hellhole.


         " Come look at the slut in her new house," Brian Samulson says to all the kids across the street. They all run over the side of my house and begin to throw rocks at my window. Finally, Brian had a perfect shot at my window and cracked it.

            ~ END OF FLASH BACK~


       I slowly climb out my window and make my way down the fire-escape. Perfect their backs are turned so they won't see me jump into the dumpster. I hop out and walk down the cold dark allies of Bradford. Yes, I'm from Bradford, England. Mark and Lynette moved here from New York, New York and adopted me. I walk down Wahington Blvd. and reached Isabella's little white flat. I knock on the door and her sister Nicola answers " Bella! Elizabeth is here!" she yells to Isabella. Isabella comes running down the stairs and embraces me in a lond hug. "What are you doing here?? Mark and Lynette are gonna kill you!" "SHUSH! They don't know!" I say covering her mouth. "Do you need to stay?" she says. "Yes. Please," I beg. We walk into her living room to see Brodie and Rosalie on the couch. "Mum can Elizabeth stay tonight? Please?" Isabella asked with pleading eyes. "Sure. Why not?" We run upstairs. I wall into her room to find Justin Bieber eveywhere. Everywhere. "Yuck." I say looking around here room in disgust. " Shuddup." She says nudging me. I walk in and sit on her bed. " What happened? Why did you leave?"  She asked. thats when the tears began to fall. "Sh-She called me  fat, ugly bitch." I say as I sob to her. She just sits there and comforts me. We then decided to go to sleep. In the middle of the night, Isabella and I woke up at the same time to a close gun shot. We shot up out the bed at the same time.


       To all JB fans. I dont hate him but my character does. Dont worry I dont hate him. No hate. And haha Cliff hanger! I love these!

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