Deeply In Love With You

This is a continued and starting version of Deeply In Love with you-Renesme Blue...She's a very close friend of mine and sadly she's not updating, so I decided to continue it for her and re-start it with details, I hope you enjoy it!


3. Love At First Sight- 2

Simon rushed onto stage. I looked at Mariam, who was trying to sneak out into the backstage rooms to see Harry. She gave me the stare that meant don't tell anybody, and with that flew running.

'' Someone go get water!!! Quickly,'' Simon yelled. Liam took off running.  The rest of the guys rushed on stage.

''Someone should give her a C.P.R!'' Zayn suggested, smiling evilly. The rest of the guys shot him a stare and he nodded meaning 'Okay geez, just giving some enthusiasm, I won't do that again.'  Louis came up to me, grabbed me by the shoulders, and started shaking me back and forth. 

'' Who are you? Why are you here?'' Louis said in a panicking manner. 

'' Uhhhh....Salma? Who am I? Why am I here?'' I called to her.

'' Awww geez...don't tell me you're gobsmacked! Are you taking our place!?!'' He asked.

'' Ummm....''

'' You know what!?! Forget it!'' He said, getting up to leave. 

'' Wait, I'm Jessy and no we are not taking your place. I'm sorry it took me long to answer.'' 

'' Well Jessy,'' Louis said returning,'' Nice to meet you. Welcome back from LaLa land! I'm Louis. I'm 21. How old are you?'' 

''I know who you are. I'm 13, nice to meet you too.'' I said. There was silence in the meanwhile. Zayn was not helping. He just sat there, watching US. When he saw me staring at him he smiled.

'' Oooooooh, I'm Louis and I like a girl named Jessy! Oooooh, she's so cute.'' Zayn mimicked. 

'' Cut it out Zayn!'' Louis snapped. I blushed, I mean at least I thought I did. Louis looked at me and smiled. '' He is right about one thing, you are cute,''

I looked at him and smiled....EEEEEEEEEEEK!!!! I can't believe he just said that! OMG, me? cute? AHAHAHHA...the feels. Mariam bursts in running. 

'' Jessy!?!"

'' What is it?''

'' You have to come with me, now!'' 

'' Okay,'' I say running towards her. 

'' No wait, can I talk to you in private. Ignore what I said in the first place.''

'' what's up?''

'' I went in on Harry...''

'' But he said not to unless-!''

'' Girls, I need you to take care of these mischievous boys for me so they are ready to perform on another night!''

'' Okayyy...'' Salma manages to utter out. 

-Back at home (we got the 4 guys (not harry) with us)

'' Heyyy!!! Louis stole my sand which!'' Niall screams.

'' Gee Niall, I'm hungry too!'' Louis screams back.

'' Guys guys, we're at a lady's house, try not to make much noise will you?'' Liam tries to say.

'' Oh Liam, you shutup!'' Louis says in a playful manner. 

'' Salmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!'' Liam screams.

'' I'll be back in a second,'' Salma says skipping around all the way to the kitchen. I turn back to be facing Mariam, Zeina, and Joanne.

'' Okay so this is what happened...'' Mariam starts. 

-Mariam's P.O.V in this part-

I ran all the way to Harry's room to find a note saying 'do not disturb.' Obviously I didn't even stop to listen for breathing noises because glass was being thrown around and the sounds of crashing and groaning made it obvious for me that there was someone inside. I closed my eyes and opened the door. When I opened them I was very shocked. The room was full of tissues covered in blood.

'' Harry?'' I said quietly,'' Can I come in? I'm Mariam. Simon's my uncle.''

'' NO!'' He yelled, pushing me out of the room. He pushed me a bit too hard and that made me fall onto the ground with pieces of the glass shards sinking in my foot. I groaned in pain but this didn't change Harry's mind.

'' Harry? I want to help you!'' I cried out. He stopped pushing me but didn't allow me to come in as well. Just silence...

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