Deeply In Love With You

This is a continued and starting version of Deeply In Love with you-Renesme Blue...She's a very close friend of mine and sadly she's not updating, so I decided to continue it for her and re-start it with details, I hope you enjoy it!


2. Love At First Sight- 1

''Hey, guys!?'' Mariam called, her voice echoing from her bedroom. 

'' Yesh?'' Joanne answered from the kitchen, her mouth full of something. Obviously food. 

'' I'm really sorry, I can't make it to today's concert.'' She said in a normal tune, not sad.

'' Why not? We've been waiting for this a whole month!'' Zeina said in rage, her voice going high in tune. 

'' Zeina, you shouldn't get mad this easily. Leave Mariam explain her reason. And as for you Mariam, The Diamonds is nothing without you.'' Salma said, getting into the super mommy tune to the rescue. That's right, we have a band named The Diamonds. We're not famous really, it's just a group of friends singing together for fun. We do bring up some concerts in the park though and lots of people come to watch.  

'' I just got a call from my uncle and he said he wanted me to meet him at Sparkshore Stage Concert. I really want to go meet him, and the good thing is he's here!'' Mariam said in a cheery voice. I froze, her uncle she said. I was over hearing the whole conversation so I decided to be included in it. 

'' Mariam? I'll let you off but I'm coming with you.'' I said in a stubborn voice. 

'' Us too!'' The others echoed. I plugged in my earphones again and started listening to my favorite songs on my Ipod in my room. It was all quiet and I was at peace until someone starting shouting. I plugged them out and popped my head out of my door. Salma was standing outside the bathroom screaming. 

'' Zeina, I SWEAR I'M GONNA KILL YOU IF YOU DON'T GET OUT THIS INSTANT! YOU'VE BEEN THERE FOR HOURS! I NEED TO USE THE BATHROOM TOO!!!'' Salma yelled. She started banging on the door as hard as possible. 

'' Okay Okay,'' Zeina sighed, turning the bathroom knob and running out before Salma can stop her to scold her again. I giggled.

I felt two eyes watching me, I looked around to find Mariam. 

'' You guys! Quickly get dressed into something nice!' Mariam said, pissed at how slow we are to get dressed. I nodded. I skipped around my room and opened my closet. I looked around for the perfect outfit. My closet was huge and I had bought a lot of dresses earlier so I decided to wear shorts with suspenders and a cute top. Ahahaha, weird right? I pulled on a beanie and some cute toms, then made my hair into a messy bun and voila! I was done. Mariam looked at my outfit in approval and nodded. 

-Skip ride to studio-

'' It's huge!'' Joanne breathed in excitement. 

'' It's amaZAYN!'' Zeina screamed, looking around and walking ahead. I ran up to her and grabbed her hand. 

'' So who's your uncle? He sure looks rich to be coming to a place like this,'' Joanne asked.

'' You'll see,'' She replied happily. 

- In the studio-

The whole place was empty. Empty! Like a deserted island. I looked around and noticed a man that looked very familiar to me. He just sat there staring on to outer space. 

'' Uncle Simon!'' Mariam yelled, trying to sound as much as excited as she can. My jaw and Zeina's dropped. Her uncle was Simon! Simon Cowell! How come she never old us? The man did not answer. A tear rolled down his cheek. Mariam approached him, he handed her a letter. She read it and handed it over to me. Salma, Joanne, and Zeina leaned over my shoulder to read it too. 

Dear Simon,

I'm sorry I can't make it today. I know it will ruin everyone's and your life if I don't perform today. I know how important it is to you, but something happened. I know I will suck if I sand live today. Don't worry, I told everyone today the show is cancelled and I gave them all their money back. You don't have to worry. I'll be in my backstage room if you need anything important, just please don't disturb me, I'll explain later. Bye.              *Stain of Blood*

*stain of Blood*                                                                                                    -Harry XxX    *Stain of Blood*

I was shocked, everyone else were shocked too. Harry was cutting, why were there blood on this letter! I knew what would cheer him up, Music! Without thinking or saying another word, I hopped  onto stage, grabbed the microphone, and started singing 'My Life Would Suck Without You' in my best voice as possible. I knew I wasn't the best singer for an average person, but I was singing...and I can sing, so that's what mattered now most to me. Simon looked at me approvingly while I glanced at Joanne giving her the death glare. She understood and nodded. She dragged Salma and Zeina up on stage too. At first, they were extremely shy to sing, but when Joanne started they followed. Mariam smiled at me and hopped onto stage too and joined us. Now, we were The Diamonds. While we sand, I looked up at the empty seats and suddenly the door swung open. Four fine looking boys ran inside, I couldn't really see their faces even though I kept on staring at them as they ran all the way to meet Simon. But that didn't happen, they stopped halfway and looked up at us. I stopped singing and the microphone landed on ground with a huge thud. Zeina had fainted, and Salma and Joanne were frozen. 

A/N: Cliff Hanger :) AHA



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