Deeply In Love With You

This is a continued and starting version of Deeply In Love with you-Renesme Blue...She's a very close friend of mine and sadly she's not updating, so I decided to continue it for her and re-start it with details, I hope you enjoy it!


5. Life

Alright, what can I say, life is and downs, fights from every corners and some love in the others...


" It's not my just left them out without a note..."


"You're brain, maybe?"

____________________________________________________________________________ "Liam, how do you make your curls so curly?" 

" Oh you know, it's the normal,"

"Stop flirting with her, mate!"

"Hey Zayn, chill...she's not the one I have an eye for anyways!"

"um...*shuffles uncomfortably*" 


"She's lying..!"

Okay...1..2...BANANAS!!! I can't concentrate, they're so loud. You think living with celebraties for a day is fun?! I'm literally dying right now, and my geometry test is due online tomorrow. 

"So if line A is perpendicular to line B, they are?"

"Complementary? Salma, I don't get this!"

"You smart ass, you just got the answer correct.."


I can't concentrate...I can't. All right I'm leaving. 

"See ya! Thanks for your help," 

Salma's been helping me in geometry because she's pretty much good in anything. I mean she can become the new Einstein in girl version, except she doesn't have that weird hair style which is gray. 

"Oi Jess, you have been in that room for hours, what'cha doin in there?" asked Louis. Knowing me, I stormed out of the house with some money in my hands. There is no way I can survive this da without buying anything!

*3 hours later*

"Okay, this cute little turquoise dress is mine, the red one is Zeina's, the Yellow is Joanne's, the pink is Mariam's, and Salma, I you a suit." I stated quietly while taking out some accessories and dresses I bought them. They gave me a call saying we had some interview which will lead us on the tip of becoming famous. 

" YOU HAD ONE JOB, JESSY!!! ONE JOB!!! WHY'D YOU GET ME A SUIT!" Salma yelled, running after me with a jar full of pickles. 

"You guys," Liam said. "Just give me the suit and I'll get you something nice. Kay Solly?"

Solly...SOLLY!?!?! I'm not even allowed to call her that..jeez, she must really like him. 

"Alrighty," Salma said in the most highest girly-girlest pitch ever. " And take Jessy with you so she can understand what a nice thing is..."

-At the mall-

" So Jessy, how's life?"

" Well you tell me, you guys scream 24/7...and I'm going to fail my Geometry quiz. So to sum it up, my life's amazing!"


Someone's getting a bit excited. Nerds. Geometry hurts your brain! You don't even need it in the future!

"Here what about this dress?" Liam asked me.

" Yeah, that looks good, get it!"


"40,000 dollars!!?!?" I exclaimed at the manager.

" I know, don't get too excited, it's a really cheap price for a rent," the manager smiled. Oh no, I'll show that dumbass playing tricks with me just because I'm a kid, not really, but a know. 

" A RENT!?!" Liam exclaimed, being more shocked than I am.

" Yeah, and you know what, it will look pretty good at your girlfriend there," He said pointing at me.

"Umm, yeah I'll buy it," Liam said taking his wallet out of his pocket. 

Don't ask me but I'm about to play a trick on this one. A dress that's 40,'ll be cheaper than that when I bring it in next time. *evil smile and laugh*

*at home*

While I was getting changed, I could hear how much Salma adored he dress, and how mad she got when she knew the price. She kept yelling for a minute which seemed like an hour to me. How did she not loose her voice with all that yelling!?!


"Come in!" I yelled from inside my room.

"Wow, some dress you got on there, missy," Louis said.

" Well, you could at least say I look gorgeous or something like that...but you don't need to, I know I am..." I thought out loud. 

" Alright Alright miss sassy pants, just get out there, you're making everyone late!"

"See ya!" I yelled from the door as I exited. 

" I'll be watching you!"



*A/N: if this is crappy, just note I forgot what this story is about xD

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