Moving to a new school, Alexis Scott doesn't know who to trust. Her parents thought she was insane, her best friend was all the way back home and she was stuck with no one but herself.
Until she walked into her first class and spotted an empty seat next to a boy at the back.
Would she finally be able to fit in?
Or would her secret betray her once again?


2. The New Girl

Alex wandered through the corridoors of Thornshield, one thought racing through her mind:

Why, of all places, am I here?

The reform school was an old victorian building, similarly built like a castle. Arched windows dotted the large school, with smudged glass and rotting panes. The sky was grey and quilted in rain clouds, the sour dawn casting an eerie atmosphere to add to the fear churning in her stomach. Alex's parents had dropped her off at the school just before 06:00am, and she was exhausted. They were told that the reform school did exactly what it said; it reformed students that attended into sane people with a normal perspective on life. Everbody with issues - scratch that - every teenager with issues, came to Thornshield for a fresh start and to be stopped from being a hazard to their family and people around them.

Alex had begun Thornshield that morning with a horrible feeling she'd stick out like a sore thumb, and it hadn't left her since she stepped through the towering black gates. It hung around her, poinsoning her aura and turning her colours a deep black. That was why she was there, she could see things other people couldn't. Her mother and father had sent her to therapists numerous times and every single time they sent her back home, insisting there was no perscription or drug they could give that would cure her 'condition'.

The burly instructor which was leading the new group of students around Thornshield, blew her whistle and the students all snapped out of their confused daze to pay attention to what she was about to say.

"Boys and girls, welcome to Thornshield. This is where you'll be stripped, whipped and nailed to a plank."

The colours around the teenagers turned a pale black of fear, mingling with the curious magnolia colour of curiosity. No matter how much she tried to forget why she was here, no matter how much she tried to push the colours away, they remained firm, an imprint on her mind. Alex's plan was to keep the cause of how she arrived at Thornshield a secret. So that nobody could judge her or even worse, wrap her in a straight-jacket and stick her in a place for nut jobs.

"Remember, these cameras are here to make sure you don't get up to any mischeif, and the students who have been given pills to aid their mental illness, or to even out their mood, will have to visit Nurse Dawn. She'll be in the First Aid room which is just 'round the corner."

Her accent was familiar, something with a Scottish ring to it. Alex tried focusing on that instead of the raimbow of emotions surrounding her.

She began to feel claustraphobic - until a small hand landed on her shoulder, clearing her mind. Her 'condition'  seemed like it had switched off.

When she turned around, she saw a girl about her age with wild red hair and grey eyes shining with excitement and energy. Straight away, Alex liked this girl because she stopped her from seeing the colours. Made her feel human.

"It's what I do, honey."

Alex was shocked out of her grateful trance by the girls Texas drawl and glanced about nervously.

"The name's Brooke. It's my 'problem'. I can see what people are thinking, and stop them from using their gift."

Gift? Alex had never thought about it that way before. When Brooke's hand lifted off her shoulder, the colours flooded back in view and a bright firey sunset shade surrounded Brooke's pixie-like build. Usually that colour represented happiness.

"I don't know what you're on about, but I don't have a 'gift'." She figured the best way to end a conversation, or at least pretend she was normal, would be to deny everything.

Brooke chuckled and her pastel pink lips parted to smile, showing sparkling white teeth. All of them perfectly straight. And Brooke was unfairly pretty; even features, delicate jawline, flawless skin and even her wild hair managed to curl perfectly around her small face. Her curves could've stopped traffic on the freeway. Alex held out her hand and looked down to see her hand tinged with a sick green.


"Stop that, sweetie. There's no need to be jealous. There's a reason I'm like this."

She considered this for a second, before swanning off down the hallway, a cheery smile on her face. 

Alex scowled. 

She didn't want Brooke picking thoughts out her head. It was the only private place she could be. Away from everything - everyone.

But no. Brooke had to take her privacy away too.

Her first day at Thornshield and she'd already began to feel homesick.








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