Just read and find out!!!!! It's worth it trust me


9. Wops

Harry's P.O.V

i walked up stares to Nialls  and Sids room. I hired noises so I figerd they were up but just talking cuz they were soft and quiet almost mones but I figged it was just because the door was shut. So I open the door and they were up all right but not what I wanted to seat 9:30 in the morning. They Were making love it was soo weird I didn't know what to do so like an idiot I just stood there in complete shock Sid saw me and she looked like she wanted to say something but didn't have the breath. She taped Nialls shoulder and he slowed down and trend around and was looking at me. "What the fuck Harry have you hired of knocking. Get out" Niall said I closed the door ad went to take a shower to get the picture out of my head. 


Sids P.O.V.

harry walked out of the room and Niall started again! That conection was all I ever wanted to have. I love him. As we both climaxed together I had arealization we didn't use protection!!!!!

"Niall stop we need to stop" we pulled out and asked what was wrong. "Protection we didn't youse it!!!" His face went from caring to worry in a seccound. He led me close to him and said "what ever happens we will get through it together"  

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