Just read and find out!!!!! It's worth it trust me


7. The first!!

We walked out to the kitchen to hearing all the boys and their girlfriends!! We walk in and Harry has his girl friend crystal on his lap and Lou and El are spitting at the table eating piazza, and Liam and Dani are with Lou and El. 
"hello love birds" Lou sais winking a me and Sid. 
"hi care to tell me who this pretty girl is Niall" crystal says walking over to Sid and giving her a hug. 
"yah this is Sid and well she my girl friend." I say. I feel some one staring at me from behind so I tern and see Zayn really pissed. 
"hay mate can I talk to you for a sec." he sais pulling on my arm. 
We both walk out and I say "yah wats up" 

"you why do you get her?" he sais and I'm completely shocked he wants Sid the girl I just made out with. Who I have this amazing connection with, the girl that im falling in love with. 
"what the hell Zayn I didn't choose to have her she chose me so fuck of I love her." I can't believe I just said that to him I gave him the bird and waked back in to the kitchen to se MY beautiful girlfriend sitting in a char at the table. There are no more chares left so I walk up to hers and swing one leg over the back of hers and sit behind her pulling her close and giving her a small kiss on the cheek. I could see her smile on her face. She had put her redish brown hair in a messy ponytail. She had a slise of piazza in front of her with a bite of it missing. She picked it up and took another bite and then said "babe wanna taist" and winked. I shook my head yes and she smashed her lips into mine with in seconds I feel her tugging at my shirt. 
"umm people are trying to eat" I hird Zayn say. She got up and took my hand and we both ran up the stars in to my... No our room. And shut the door. 

"do you love me" she asked completely serious. 
"yes I love you..... Why would you ask me after I told you that I did" 
"just making shure" she answered crashing her lips in to mine again pulling at my shirt. I helped taking it off and I looked her in the eyes and said "we don't need to do this I'll weight." 
"shut up Niall I want you.... No need you i have never felt this way befor and I can't weight any longer." she sais staring at me and I can tell she meens it and then I remember she's a vergin. And that terms me on... Just thinking about the fact that I will be the first to tuch her and the first to be with her like that. I pull her in for a kiss and I can feel my pants getting tight and I think she notised as well cuz she had a huge smile on her face as I took of her tanktop and notesed that she had on a green lace bra then I picked he up and laied her on the bed and removed my jeens but left my boxers on. I layer on top of her and kissed her deeper then ever befor. Her skin is soo soft and I can't help but get harder at the sound of the tiny mone she made when I kissed her neck. 
I stoped and looked her in the eyes and said "last chance yes or no" I say bringing my hands to her hips. "yes" she sais looking me straight in the eye. "ok I'm not gonna lie to you it's gonna Hirt at first but it will get better and feel good ok... And any time you want me to stop just tell me I'll go as soft or hard as you want promis!" I say she nods her head and I pull down her blue shorts and green thong that matches in one swift move and throw them across the room. She looks absolutely beautiful. Feel her sands on my boxers pulling them trying to take them off while I was kissing her I help her and say"reddy?!" all she could do was nod her head yes. I sepporate he legs and sit imbetween them and slowly ease my way in her. A small grown slips out of her mouth as I fill her up completely waighting for her to adugest and when she catches her breth I know I can start. First slow in and out not hard at all truly love nothing more but also nothing less. "Niall I need it harder!" she pants I do as she asks and a loud grown comes out of her mouth as I pick up the speed and roughness. After about20min. I can feel her wals caving in and closing around me as we both peak together. I stay barred in her intell we catch our breth and I role to her side and pull her close to me and we both drift off to sleep. 

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