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3. That night

Niall and i finished our coffee and went back to Harry's house. 
"Sid" Niall said grabbing my wrist not letting me go inside. 
"yeah" i say not knowing what to say 
"your not leaving to go in just yet." 
"and why not?"
"Because I need this first" 
"what?" I said as he grabbed my waist and pulled me in close and before i knew it his lips were pressed against mine. I slowly opened my mouth and he slipped his tongue in to my mouth and pulled me closer and even closer to him if that was even possible. When Harry opened the front door on us kissing in the door way.

"ewwwwww Sid you don't know where his mouth has been" and thats when reality checked in. We all bursted out laughing and went in side to see where I  would be sleeping. The thing that Harry forgot to mention was that it wasn't just his house..... All the boys were living there.
"umm where am I going to sleep" I asked not trying to be rude. 
"you can sleep in my room with me...... I guess" Niall said. 
"okay but I'm not losing my 'v-card' till I'm married okay?" 
"I'm cool with that cause now all we need to do is cuddle and then boom you'll be in love with me" Niall said
"yeah..... You wish but can I borrow some pjs for tonight." 
"whatever you want hun, just pick out some sweat pants and a t okay?" 
He showed me the pants and shirts and I picked out some purple sweat pants and tied them as tight as they could go so they wouldn't fall of of my waist and just a simple white v-neck t. I walked out of Niall's room to the living room and sat on Niall's lap, who was sitting on the coutch watching tv.
"You know.... You look hot in my clothes.... It hurts me that you were homeless but for now, i didn't say any thing and just kissed Niall on the cheek. And fell asleep in his arms his strong handsome arms. I woke up the next morning wrapped in his arms in his bed in his clothes I didn't know if we were dating or whatever this is but I never want this to end so I won't let it, I won't get my heart broken....not again.

~~~~Sorry of the short chapter lovelies~~~~~


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