Just read and find out!!!!! It's worth it trust me


4. Shopping!!!!!!

I woke up the next morning wrapped in his arms I was facing him and he was still sleeping and I was just watching him when suddenly Harry opened the door a little just to poke his head in. I shut my eyes and snuggled in closer to Niall when Harry said "Niall wake Sid up so we can go shopping and get food she likes and yeah" 
" k I will but get out so I can do something" Niall whispered 
I tried to stay calm and act like i was sleeping but I failed when Niall started to lean in to kiss me I couldn't wait I just lifted my head and crashed my lips into his. He kissed back and then pulled away and said "come on babe let's get up and get ready so we can go shopping and eat breakfast cause I don't know about you beautiful but I'm starving." I giggled and kissed him once again on the cheek and said " let's go handsome you can help me pick out an outfit and emphasis on OUW!! If u get what I mean."

Niall's P.O.V.
She got out of my bed and took my hand and brought me to Harrys room where his sisters close were and she opened the drawer with bras and underwher and imedeatly closed it then opened the a drawer with shorts and looked at me. I looked at all of the options and pulled out a pare of jean shorts that we're really short and had little studs on them and she just took off her sweat pants off right in frunt of me. I think she noticed I was staring cuz she said "take a picture handsome and I can promise you it will last longer"  
" ok" I said in a joking way and took out my phone but she already had the shorts on and they fit perfictly not too short but not too long ether.
I termed around to look in the mearror and she came up from be hind me in a green crop top and no tank top. Her belly butten was parsed it had a little green joule. 
"Damn" I whispered when I heard Harry yell " Sid Niall are u guies ready." 
"yah coming" she yelled running out od the room and I heard Zayn say you look hot Sid.
"I walked down and kissed her neck from behind and played with her belly button ring and she giggled and pulled away and took a peace of bacon od the a plate on the counter and took a bight and then gave me the rest of the pease and we all left to go to the mall and get her some close and food that she likes to eat. 
" errm Sid where do u want to go first" Harry asked since he was driving.
She wispered something in his ear and he went to a store down the rode it was a small boutique and she told everyone but me to stay in the car. We walked in and she went and grabbed a few crop tops and a cupped shorts. She also grabbed a cuppel bras and thongs I didn't really pay attention to that stuff entell I saw a little heart neckless and took it up to her and said "your getting this or I will tell every one that's you have a crush on me." 
"that's the best you got cuz I kinda thought you were my boyfriend ish....." 
Her boyfriend.... She thought I was her boyfriend...."well ofcorse I am" 
She kissed me and brought every thing to the counter where she saw the belly button rings. 
"yah Sid" 
"you love me right?" 
"Ok what do you want"
"this one pleezzzzzz for me baby" it was a little silver heart with what looked like a diamond in the mittle.
"fine only because it would look so fuckin hot on you" I told her and she gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek and grabbed the ring and put it on the counter and I paied and we left to go get lunch but in the car she put on the belly button ring I just bought her and like I thought it looked so fucken hot on her. 
"what do u gies think?" 
"I like it" Zayn said 
Harry and Lou said that they also liked it Liam said it was cute.
"I think it makes you look sexy" I wispered on her neck with drove her crazy I could tell by the face she made and the bitting of her lower lip.


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