Just read and find out!!!!! It's worth it trust me


8. Round two

Sids P.O.V. 

I woke up wrapped in nails arms the next morning. I remembered every thing from last night it's was all I could ask for..... Full of love and caringniss. I already miss the way I felt when we were connected in that way. His touch the wet kisses he left behind his blond hair tickling my check when he kissed my neck. I couldn't help but giggle causing Niall to wake up he kissed my lips and that's when I noticed that we were still naked. I wanted to feel that connection again. 

"I love you Sidney" Niall whispered in be tween the little kisses he was giving me. "I love you too Niall" I was about to deepen the kiss when he got out of bed. Nothing covering him and little Niall ether. I didn't realize I was staring intel he spoke "like what you see babe" my cheaks got red and I replied with biting my lower lip. He looked at me for a moment and spoke again "you know I can do that for you?" Became over and got back in bed and payed on top of me pulling me in to a deep kiss biting my lover lip when he pulled away to lock and relock our lips. The feeling of his skin on mine was electric. I wanted him so bad and he knew that as well. Just as he did yesterday he asked if I was ready and I nodded.

he entered slowly and slowly sped up I moned with plesure the hole time. Just as I was about to climax Harry walked in!!!!! 


Thanks for reading I love you all

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