Just read and find out!!!!! It's worth it trust me


6. OMG!!!!

Sid's P.O.V

I was under his covers in his room waiting for him watching tv. I was flipping through the channel when all of a sudden the door opened and there stood a wet Niall but not the Niall I was use to seeing. There he stood completely naked.

Niall's P.O.V.

I walked in to my room that I was currently sharing with Sid and I didn't think she was there cuz I heard people in the living room so I just walked in to the room and there she was in the bed in her pjs under the covers watching tv until she saw me and then I realized that I was naked.

"Niall not to be rude but I didn't think we were at this point in our relationship yet" I heard her joke while I pulled my boxers over my legs and up to my waist.

" I'm sorry Sid I thought you were in the living room with the other boys and I'm sorry" I said sitting on the edge of the bed. When she got up and pulled me off the bed and she came close to me closer then ever before almost to a point that there was no air in between us. I then realized that she was soo small and fragile but yet so strong. I couldn't help but look at her lips so pink and soft. I then noticed that she was biting her lip and that she was thinking the same thing as me. I hesitated not wanting to go to far.... I still didn't have a shirt on and all she had on was blue short shorts and a white tank top. I was turned on and needed her but I know she wanted to wait till marriage but I couldn't help the feeling. 
"Niall?" she whispered
"yess love" I say whispering as well. 
"just kiss me allready." 
"but what if I go to far" 
"I trust that you won't really" 
" okay but first I think I should tell you this...... I love you." did I really just say that.? 
" I love you too" and that's when it happened..... We kissed and went into a make out session nothing more.... She wasn't ready. It was about 6:00pm when I woke up and I woke her up as well so we could get something to eat and we went downstairs and there were the boys' girlfriends and hamburgers cooking in the kitchen so I thought I should introduce Sid to everyone.

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