Just read and find out!!!!! It's worth it trust me


2. Meeting the boys and the date

"Come on Sid I'll introduce you to the boys" Harry said taking her hand and walking in to what looked like a living room. 
"Guys shut the hell up for a second and say hi do my new room mate Sidney. " 
"hi " I said in a quiet voice it was no use to talk to a lot of people. "  heyy I'm Lou but you can call me Lou" the typical Louis from all the tv shows that you have seen.
" Hi I'm Liam and I think you will fit in here. Besides a pretty thing like yourself shouldn't be on the street....don't you think Niall?" he said to me knowing that Niall was looking directly at me, and hasn't looked away from me since i walked in the room. 
"um.. Yah totally and hi like Liam said I Niall and yah" he said blushing. 
"Hi and nice to meet you" 
"heyy don't forget about me I'm Zayn"
"hey" i said with a little giggle and decided to go and sit with Harry on the coutch. 
"soo let's play 21questions" Lou said everyone looked at me and I nodded and said "sounds like fun so bring on the questions" 
"Okay, so if you could date any one in this room who would it be and why" Lou asked with a cheekie smile." 
" ummmm.......... I guess I would choose Niall." When you said that Niall looked at you and you slowly put your head down." 
" Why would you want to date me?" he said. You looked down at the ground and said lowered and cleared my voice and said " I love looking in to your eyes they make me go weak in the knees" you said hoping that no one would juge you. 
"oooooooooooooooo Niall has a girlfriend!!!!!!!!!" Lou shouted as loud as he could. 
The game went on like this until i had been asked a question from Niall who was sitting right next to you at this point. "Would you like to go get a coffee like now? and remember you have to answer truthfully." 
"I would love to"  Niall and i got up and left Harry's house and went to a little shop and ordered our coffee and talked about everything and nothing just getting to know each other. When Niall got a call and it was for you.? 
"Hey Sid " I heard Harry say
"ohh hi" 
"so how's the date going" 
"good but it's not a date........I don't think so any way.?" 
"oh yes it is. When are you coming home soon right?" 
" yeah give us like 20 min. Is that ok?" 
"yeah okay. I'll be waiting." 
"see ya"

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