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5. Lunch

Sids P.O.V

The hot breath on my neck drove me crazy and I think he knew that he was practically spooning me when we go to the resteraunt and when we got out of the car Niall grabbed my hand and we all went in and got a table for six. The waitress came up to our table to get our order for drinks when she got to Niall she was obviously flirting with him she was smiling more than she did for the other boys and he noticed as well and said "I'll have an ice tea and babe what would you like" and grabbed my hand and kissed it. "umm the same as Niall thank you" I  say trying to be nice to the bitch flirting with my boyfriend. She brought our drinks and we ordered our food. I got a salad and some of Niall's chicken wings that he ordered. We were all waiting for the check when Harry said "so, Sid did you buy anything interesting." he winked at Niall and made googley eyes at Lou. "yeah a green thong with a matching bra and a pink, blue, orange, and purple set as well!!" I screamed and every one looked at me including Niall. Niall the most shocked at what I just said that his mouth opened and closed again like he was going to say something but couldn't find the words.
"babe really why did you just yell that..... I mean I know it's true cause I paid for it all but still" Niall managed to say 
"I'm sorry Hun but they asked and I thought you would have told them already that  well you know."
"you mean that you guys did it last night" Harry said completely shocked. 
"no you dirty minded ass she means that we are official" Niall said clearing things up. 
"omg you guys are dating that's sooooooooooo cute!!!!!!" Lou yelled 
I immediatly felt the blood rush to my face and Niall bent down and pressed his lips against mine and I heard a lot of "ooo"'s frome the boys and we all left and went to the house and I got in the pjs that I had bought earlier. They were blue short shorts and a plain white tank top. And I walked out to the bedroom and found out that Niall was in the shower so I decided to wait for him.


~~~~~~~~~sorry for the short chapter this time~~~~~~~~~~

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