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1. Love and lonelyniss

"mommy, Daddy" You hear your little girl yell from her both walk in holding hands to see your little girl sitting on her bed under the blankets with an oversized teddy bear she got from he farther, his name is Niall... Yes the Niall Horan. He's your husband and you guys go on tour with your beautiful daughter Destiny. You guys have been married for 2 years and your daughter is about 1 and a half. 
"yes sweetie" Niall says walking towards her bed. 
"can you tell me a story before I go to sleep?" 
"sure..... Wich one would you like to hear this time?" 
" the one where mommy became you princess!" 
" you got it!........ Sid will you come help me with the beginning" 
" yah just let me get Destiny's bottle." she said walking out to the kitchen to grab the bottle and running back to the room when a picture of a young handsome boy came in to your mind. He had blondish and peircing blue eyes. Just like your daughters. You suddenly are ripped back into reality when Niall came up from behind you and said "why so happy?" you looked at him and said "no reason lets go and tell her that story.

~~~~~~~~~story time / flash back 3years~~~~~~~~

Sidney's P.O.V. 
I was cold and wet in the harsh streets of Lounden and I had no where to go and no one to call. All alone on the street. I was walking for what seemed like an hour when I came a cross this big house or apartments I wasn't really shure. So, I went up to the front door and knocked on it three times. When suddenly I heard a voice from inside say "if it's Lou it's open!" so I knocked again not knowing what to do. I didn't want to walk in with out warning so I fingered I would yell some thing...... But what would I say "um I don't know a Lou but I wanted to know if I could use your phone!" you say hoping the boy on the other side of the door would hear. Soon he came to the door and with out saying any thing he took out his phone and handed it to you. "umm.... I Sidney but Sid for short so you can call me that I gess." you say befor walking in to his house and seeing who he was. When your eyes met you knew exactly who he was and were star struck. "hayy I'm Harry" 
"I know! Your in my favorite band" 
"shit not another fan trying to get something" 
"no no no I didn't know you lived here I swear and I'm home less and dont know who to call really ...... I'm no kidding!" you say almost crying 
"awww come on you can stay hear and I'll introduce you to the boys, but one thing don't fall for me, Liam, or Lou as more then friends and we won't have a problem with our girlfriends ok." 
"yah of corse it would be wears since we are now roomies" 
" can't meet one direction looking like that your close are filthy come on let's get you in to something dry...... Rummie" he said smiling. 
"what am I going to where I don't have any thing besides these close that I'm wearing now." 
" I fingered that and I have some stuff that my sister leaves here for when she visites and so u can barrow her stuff intel we can go shopping" 
"ok " I said not knowing what to say.... Is this really happening like what the hell. He gave me some black skinny jeans and a plain wight tank top. I slipped in to the close and looked myself over in the mearror and ran my fingers through my red brown hair and walked out of the room and I heard people down stairs mostly British ascents but a thick Irish ascent was talking to what sounded like Harry. 
"Harry?" I yelled not shure what to do and where to go. Soon he was standing in front of me looking me over and took out his phone and sent a txt to someone I don't know who but some one and then Niall came out of the room Harry just came out of and stoped in his tracks. 
He was looking me over up and down my body but when our eyes met i were memorized. His eyes made me feel so happy as if i could just look at them all day.

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