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10. aquered


I told harry to get out then put my full atenchen back to my girl friend! i was just about to finnish what we were doingwhen she sad "babe stop, we need to stop!" i imedeatly pulllled out and asked her what was rong. "we didnt use protection" she said practicually crying.

"sid whet ever5 happens we will get therw it together!" i aussered her. something about this made me exsited!

latter that day i finily got out of bed and went to talk to harry about this morning. i heard him in the kitchen talking to one of the boys, so i walked in.

'hay mate we need to talk....... its kinda personal" h the point and walked out on the portch with me.

"ok whats up?" he asked.

"nouthing that u donot now but i need ur help!"

" sher any thing what is it?"

"the last two days me ans sid.... you know"

"yah i know"

"yah well this morning she reminded me that i need to use protection and that we didnt at all"

"Niall are u kidding me!"

"No, but i want to tell her that evean if shes not poregnet that i want her with me for the rest of my life..... marrage i think..... what do u think.... with uhelp me?" there was a long paus but finily that smirk spred acorss his face.... like a compleet idiot and hugged me and said "of corse!"

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