My jouney to reach my dreams :)

hey im marina im 15. my favourite colour is greeen. i love little mix and one direction. my dream is to get somewhere in the music buisness but will it actually happen? who knows? ;)


4. out for tea

Marina's POV

wow im so glad my sister didnt give me a maximun haha ive bought loads well we both have haha. we are in starbucks now getting a drink.

"marnia do you want to go to nandos for tea?"

"yeah sure how did you know thats my fav!"

"haha its mine too"

we got up and headed down the street back past forever21 and into nandos its was really busy but on the way we called up to save a table. we sat down at the table that is a booth and ordered 2 glasses of coke no ice and i had periperi chicken and chips and meg ordered the same. we were eating when a group of boys with a man walked in. one of them smiled at us he had dirty blonde hair and looked familiar.. hmm.. they all walked our way but stopped at the booth next to us. i just carried on eating and chatting to meg

"so meg where did you get to today?"

"what do you mean?"

"when we went shopping you judt dissapeared"

"oh i bumped into my parents"

"oh right cool are they alright?"

"yeah there great thank you :)"

she carrired on eating and i took a sip of my drink when...

"excuse me have you got some salt please we could borrow?"


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