My jouney to reach my dreams :)

hey im marina im 15. my favourite colour is greeen. i love little mix and one direction. my dream is to get somewhere in the music buisness but will it actually happen? who knows? ;)


3. london shopping with meg

Marina's POV

all around us towering towards the sky i looked at meg who was staring at a group of people out side my favourite shop 'forever21'

"hey meg do you want to go in?"

"sure i love that shop i go every saturday haha"

we started walking towards the door (i have to admit i did have to push my way past the screeming girls) i looked around for meg but she wasnt anywhere to be found i text her (she gave me her number when we were walking here) saying 'hey where are you meg im in forever21 ill be looking round'

her : 'hii sorry seen someone ill be in , in a sec xx'

me: 'okay see you in a sec xx'

i waslking around looking at the clothes when a gorgeous leather jacket court my eye next to the rack was a older girl about 19-20? she had long brown wavy hair as i was looking at the jackets for my size she said to me

her "is gorgeous isnt it?"

me "yeah"

her "hey im eleanor by the way" she stook out her hand to shake mine

me "hii eleanor im marina" i shook her hand

eleanor "you dont know who i am do you?"

me "erm.. i recognise your face but im not sure where from sorry"

eleanor "haha its fine i saw you yesterday but i wasnt sure if you saw me haha"

me "oh right haha you go to london arts?"

eleanor "nope well yes im doing a work shop in the designing lessons and my boyfriend is doing music with his friends" her phone then started to ring

eleanor "im so sorry thats him i better go bye"

me "okay bye see you round" she then handed me a piece of paper with her number on

eleanor "you seem really nice i would love to have a chat some time give me a call when ever "

me "aww thank you okay bye"

she walked out of the door. she seemed really nice i think i have her for a workshop looking faward to it haha. well i better go and find meg.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

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