My jouney to reach my dreams :)

hey im marina im 15. my favourite colour is greeen. i love little mix and one direction. my dream is to get somewhere in the music buisness but will it actually happen? who knows? ;)


5. is meg alright?! :O

Megs POV

"excuse me have you got some salt please we could borrow?"

I looked up to see marina handing the salt over my shoulder I turned round to see NIALL HORAN OMG OMG OMG!!!! what do I do what do I say?!

me "I like your salt" great what did I say that for

all the boys: "hahah"

niall: "ermm..thank you?" he then gave marina a quick smile and said "thank you :)"

marnia : "no problem haha"

great now he thinks im a right freak.

Zayn: "what the f**k niall!"

Niall :"sorry zayn" I turned round to see niall looking at his hands and zayn covered in his drink I couldn't help but laugh neither could marina.


Marina's POV

what is wrong with meg why is she acting like that? OMD what has he done?! who is he anyway and why is meg acting like that infront of him? wait..




when I walked into my new room what I shared with meg there were posters all over her wall were they the boys?

*end of flashback*

*cough* I looked up to see all the boys stood up next to our booth.

me: "erm can we help you?" I said in the nicest way possible

zayn? (I heard niall? say sorry to him): "is it alright if we share a table with you because the thing is this idiot over here (he elbowed niall) split the drinks all over the table and there are no others"

the boy with the shaved head: "im so sorry about this"

me :"yeah of course aha theres plenty of room"

I slid across to the centre of the semi-circle sofa.

harry :"hello im harry but call me hazza but im guessing you knew that" he said with a wink

me: "actually no I didn't"

harry : "oh right good :) I can make a new impression instead of the ones the paps gave me"

me : " haha okay then"

harry : "and your name?"

me: "marina"

harry :"wow beautiful name for a beautiful lady"

harry :"and number?"

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