My jouney to reach my dreams :)

hey im marina im 15. my favourite colour is greeen. i love little mix and one direction. my dream is to get somewhere in the music buisness but will it actually happen? who knows? ;)


2. here we are...

Marina's POV

well here we are im so excitedXD my sister kate has finished school but she will be helping out as a teachers assistant because thats whats shes trained in. the school is a boarding school so we both grabbed our bags said by to out parents and headed towards reception. as we got t the desk there was a young lady about kates age sat behind it with short spikey blonde hair. we gave her our information she told me mine was down coridor 12 floor 3 and i cant remember kates haha. i went up to my room to find my room mate she was so pretty with straight long black hair and the perfect wieght.

"you must be marina? hey im megan but call me meg ill be your room mate" she had such a nice smile her teeth were perfectly straight god im so jelous haha

"hii yeah im marina"

"thats your bed over there"

"thank you" as i finished putting my stuff away meg asked me

"so where are you from?"


"oh wow cool been to london before?"


"well come on then" she said grabbing her hodding and making towards the door. i must have flashed her a confused face because she said

"im going to show you round london before the new term starts :)"

we then walked out down the stairs towards where the reception desk is where kate is still stood talking to the girl at the desk. Well she settles in fast haha.

"hey kate im going to look round london with meg if you need me ive got my phone"

"okay sure dont get into trouble and do you need money?"

i looked at meg who said "yeah we could go shopping"

"okay yeah please kate" she handed me her cash card and spoke in a serious tone that she never use that she never used "dont spend it on junk" then busted out laughing and said "spend it on what ever!"


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