Don't look like a Puppy

It's a short story about a guy with some pink balloons and a girl he meets at a festival.

(For the English-Class-with-movellas competetion.)


1. Don't look like a Puppy

The girl with the chocolate colored hair walked in front of him and sent him a little smile, and then she walked away. He knew that she wouldn’t come back. With a sigh and a little ache in the heart he started to walk away from the festival with the pink balloons she had forced him to buy. They looked ridiculous, but he couldn’t just throw them away that would be a waste of money. At least he thought that.

He wanted it to be a memorable day, but it had all ended like all the others. The girl walking away and him standing behind with a beating and fooled heart. It’ so difficult, he thought. Finding the right one wasn’t easy. He looked at his cell phone. No one has called him.

“The usual,” he said out loud with a sore in his voice.

A couple walked by with happy smiles and their laughing voices ringing like bells. He wanted to hate their joy, but he couldn’t. That wouldn’t be fair. Instead he slowly walked down the street with his face looking at the ground.

Suddenly he stopped and looked up on the pink balloons. They waved from the site to site because of the wind. He could just let go on the strings, and they would fly up into the skies until they disappeared. As he looked up, he remembered his brother’s smile, when he talked to him about girls and love. At that time he hadn’t understood it at all. But now, now he wanted to experience it. With a smile similar to his brother’s, he turned around and walked back to the festival.

The music and the laughs from the many people reached him as he walked closer and closer. This time he entered from the other side, where the Ghost-house were. The screams and the scary noises made him look curios on the old and terrifying house. He hadn’t been in the Ghost-house since he was little, and he wanted to try it – But it had to be later.

He walked pass the kissing shop, where volunteers gives kisses in exchange of 2£. The girls in the shop looked cute, but he didn’t want to kiss a girl who had just kissed a lot of other boys. So he moved on, still with the pink balloons. Suddenly a golden haired girl ran right pass ham, so he nearly felt. She had come from the lover-roundabout. A tall blond haired guy stood and waved and it seem like he also yelled after the girl. She didn’t look back.

His hand almost let go of the balloons’ strings. It didn’t look like other people had observed the scene or else they didn’t care. But he did. Just now, the girl had walked away from the festival with probably a crying face. He bit his lip.

“Maybe this is a sign?”

The wind catched the balloons, so they waved the way the girl went. That decided it for him. With his heart beating a little faster and his hands getting sweaty, he followed the girl. It didn’t take him long to find her. She sat down on the curbstone, hiding her face in her hands. Now he hesitated. Was this right? Could he walk over and talk to her? Or was it kind of creepy? Besides, the balloons took away some of his confidence.

“What are you looking at?” the girls suddenly spoke.

First he couldn’t say anything. He just stared, as the girl slowly raised her head.

“I asked you; what are you looking at?” she repeated with a little shake in her voice but a cold stare.

He coughed: “Oh sorry… You just looked sad, and I wanted to ask, if there’s something wrong.”

She raised her eyebrow and then let her eyes slowly travel down his body; like she studied him.

“Obvious there’s something wrong. Or do you think that I look like something isn’t wrong right now?”

“No, no… I- I’m sorry… I didn’t try to upset you.”

“Thank you! Then you’re the only one.”

She brushed her hands on her skirt and then placed her elbows on her thighs. The chin relaxing in her hands, so she just looked straight forward. He liked how she looked like that, but he didn’t want to interrupt her thinking. With a sigh she looked over at him.

“So, what about you?”

“What do you mean?” he asked confused.

“Well, you’re standing there like an idiot with some pink balloons and sadness in your eyes.”

He looked down at the ground.

“Aha, you got dumped… Well, shit happens, stranger.”

She laughed a sad laugh, which made him look up.

“Don’t look like a puppy. It’s a harsh world, and love isn’t always easy.”

Her hard tone and the little smile made him blink, and then stare at her again.

“Eh? I know that… But still, I won’t give up on it.”

“You should,” she said with a tired voice.


“Because, like I said… Love isn’t always easy, and it hurts so much, when people mess with your heart.”

He breathed in and then walked over and sat down beside her.

“That’s not a valid argument you know.”

She moved her head and looked over at him with a neutral face.

“I don’t care.”

He tightened his fingers around the strings.

“You should… Love is an important thing.”

“Says the puppy who just got dumped.”

Again he sighed. He didn’t know how to respond, so he just sat beside her with the balloons flying over their heads. Maybe, if he had bought enough balloons, he could fly away with them up into the skies and disappear.

“What’s up with the balloons?” she asked with a quiet voice.

“Nothing really,” he replied. Then he looked at her: “You want one?”


She looked away and stared at the street on the other side.

“You know what? Let’s go have some fun… Fuck love, fuck stupid boyfriends, fuck balloons!” Her eyes were sparkling with new energy, when she talked. He wasn’t sure if it was a good or bad thing.

“O-okay… At the festival?”

She stood up while she nodded: “Of course! I have some tickets left, and I want to try some of the rides before they close,” her eyes meet his: “And it’s not fun alone.”

He followed her to the festival, where they together tried some of the rides. At the times he couldn’t carry the balloons, he asked someone to hold them for him. But else he carried the balloons everywhere. At a competition shop he won some tickets, which he wanted to use on the Ghost-house. As they walked toward the Ghost-house, side by side, he wanted to look at the girl, but he didn’t do it. They were still two strangers. At no time, they had introduced them to each other, and he kind of liked it that way. It was like they were just those two in the world, and something like names weren’t necessary.

At the front door to the Ghost-house, he handed over the balloons to the ticket keeper, and then they entered. He felt the cold rush inside his body, when they walked around in the house and several times got scared by some of the effects or the dressed up festival workers. When that happened he felt his heart beat faster like it was in love, but then he realized that the girl had grasped his hand. When the scares were over she then let go of his hand just to reach out for it seconds later. He enjoyed it even though he got scared himself.

Just as they were about to enter the exit a person with a terrifying mask screamed at them and made them jump and scream like little girls. He grasped her hand and started to run. They kept running even though they were outside. When they reached the outskirts of the festival, they stopped and then started to laugh.

“That was embarrassing,” he laughed.

He let go of her hand and gave her a smile.

“Yeah - but funny.”

As they stood there, he felt like he had forgotten something.

“Oh, the balloons!” he then realized.

She looked at him with a questioned look.

“I forgot them at the Ghost-house! Would you wait here? Then I’ll get them.”

He started to run. Then he realized that it was kind of stupid. Those were balloons he had bought for the other girl. What was he doing? But he was already at the Ghost-house. The balloons were tied to a pole beside the ticket keeper. He then got them and started to run back to the place, where he had left the girl. As he came closer he couldn’t see her. He thought to himself, that she probably waited on the other side of the big tree he could see.

But when he stopped near the tree, he couldn’t see her. She was gone. His hand got loose and the balloons slowly flew up to the skies. One by one they disappeared. He felt empty and fooled. Just like all the other times. She wasn’t different or something special. He clenched his fists. She was just a girl; a stupid girl.

He turned around and looked up. With a blank expression he stared at the girl in front of him. She didn’t look at him but at the balloons. In both her hands she held an ice-cream with some chocolate sauce.

“Why did you let go of them?” she asked.

He kept his breath: “I don’t know… I think I got tired of holding them.”

She handed him one of the ice-creams.

“Good…Then you can move on now.”

He took the ice-cream: “Thanks.”

“My pleasure… But I want to thank you too… Without you, this day could possibly have been the worst.”

She licked the ice-cream and then started to walk. He followed her.

“I thought you were gone,” he then said very low.

“Huh? Why?”

“You weren’t there, when I came back.”

“Oh, sorry about that puppy-boy, but I had some ice-cream tickets, and I thought, that I would get some before you came back.”

He smirked: “You know; I have a name.”

 “So do I.”

They looked at each other.

“But names aren’t that important… It’s like a rock. We call it a rock because that’s its name, but it doesn’t really matter in the end.”

He started to eat the ice-cream when she talked, then he answered: “Nah, I think you’re kind of right… But puppy-boy is not the kind of thing I want to be called.”

She then laughed: “Okay, then no names.”

The music and atmosphere were still ongoing when they entered the festival again. She had grasped his arm and was now dragging him over to the Ghost-house again.

“Do you really want to go in there again?” he asked with a laugh.

“Of course, Puppy.”

He laughed at that.

When he handed over the tickets to the ticket keeper, he saw one of the pink balloons in the horisont behind the ticket-house. He couldn’t help but smile. Somehow the pink balloons had helped him. He didn’t know how, but they had. And that made him happy, because then he hadn't wasted the money on them.

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