Stole My Heart

Olivia is your average 15 year old girl from London, her friends and family love and care about her; until her mother and father are killed in a car crash. She leaves London and travels to Spain by her self for some alone time to think things through. Everything goes great until she meets Simon Cowell and he offers her a job that she wants no part in. She finds herself in great danger and agrees to let a certain five boys to help her through hard times


9. Chapter 9

Niall's POV

She opened the door. Her eyes looked red, swollen and tired. She still hadn't stopped crying.

''Sshh,Babe. Don't cry please'' I said in a soothing tone pulling her into a hug. She burried her head into my chest and cried even harder

''I'm so sorry'' She cried. What could she possibly be sorry for? She was the one getting forced to do things against her will! Not me!

''Don't apologise. You have nothing to be sorry for. Come on, you can stay in my room tonight'' I was not going to let her out of my sight until I'd gave Sy a piece of my mind.

''Are you sure?'' She asked ''Won't the other boys be a bit pissed off having a girl in their room? I cant just intrude like that Niall''

''No, of course they wont mind! Come with me, were staying down the hall from yours''



Olivia's POV

Yes, Simon was going to kill me when I showed up to work next.

Niall carried me bridal style down the hall. I felt like such a little kid. I looked tiny and fragile next to him, he carried me asif I weighed nothing.

He put me down and wiped the rest of my tears away, then he opened the door to be greeted by four very loud boys

''NIALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL'' They all screamed, which made me giggle. All eyes fell on me and I felt my cheeks going red

''Hello!'' Louis said to me, '' I believe we have met briefly before? My name is Louis 'The Tommo' Tomlinson and this is Zay-''

''I know who you all are!'' I laughed, cutting him off mid sentence. ''I'm sorry for intruding, I'll leave now. Sorry to interrupt. Niall I cant stay here, it wouldnt be fair. Goodbye''

'No you can stay here'' Said Harry ''You have been crying, and you are not leaving this room until you tell us all why young lady''

I couldnt stop laughing, I'd been here five minutes and was already having an amazing time

''My name is Olivia, I'm sure Niall will tell you all what is wrong with me. I'll answer any questions you guys wanna know. Thankyou for having me here'' I said, shyly looking to the ground.


Louis' POV

Niall has deffinately found himself a keeper here. She's special, I dont know how, she just is. El is going to love her!

The six of us sat in a circle on the floor while Niall began to tell Olivia's story.

**Five minutes later**

That son of a bitch! How could he do something like that! I swear, when I get my hands on him I'm going to cause some serious fucking damage! Liv only looks about 18! The pervert

''Liv?'' I asked, i wanted to know how old she was

''How old are you? I think thats what we all want to know'' She started to cry again


Liam's POV

I couldnt believe what I was hearing! How could someone do that to someone as beautiful as Liv. I think Simon and I should  have a little talk. I was absolutley furious!

''Liv? How old are you?'' Louis asked ''I think Thats what we all want to know''

Olivia just stared back at Louis and started to cry again


Zayn's POV

Did I just hear right? Is the man that made us famous seriously abusing Liv in that way? I knew we made her nervous, I didnt know why. Well now I have my answer. If anyone ever done that to Perrie, well, I dont know what I'd do but I know id regret it years later sitting in a prison cell. I wonder whats going through Nialls head. I can tell he has feelings for her. Who wouldnt? She's different and shes gorgeous!

''Liv? How old are you? I think thats what we all want to know'' Louis asked

She started to cry. She must be really young


Harry's POV

I have no words to describe what I just heard. That is no way to treat a lady.

''Liv, How old are you? I think thats what we all want to know'' Louis asked. He was right, I think we all wanted to know how old she was, she had makeup on, it was hard to tell. Suddenly she started to cry, I knew her answer would make us even more angry.


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