Stole My Heart

Olivia is your average 15 year old girl from London, her friends and family love and care about her; until her mother and father are killed in a car crash. She leaves London and travels to Spain by her self for some alone time to think things through. Everything goes great until she meets Simon Cowell and he offers her a job that she wants no part in. She finds herself in great danger and agrees to let a certain five boys to help her through hard times


8. Chapter 8

Olivia's POV

Oh God

I dropped my phone

And forgot to delete the text off Simon

If anybody finds out about our little 'deal' -As he calls it- Then I'll get more than just a beating, I've been reminded a number of times what will happen.


''Your a bastard, you know that Simon?'' I mocked him bitterly

''Call me whatever you want child, I'll always get the last laugh'' He replied

''You wont get the last laugh if I tell someone how much of a perverted old man you are!'' I screamed between tears

''Oh Olivia, must I tell you again?'' He sighed ''YOU WILL NOT TELL ANYBODY ABOUT OUR DEAL OR I WILL KILL YOU SLOWLY. I HAVE THE POWER TO DO IT. I WILL BURN YOUR APPARTMENT AND LOCK THE DOORS!! Thats if I decide to be nice to you'' He screamed at me


There was a knock at my door and I hadn't finished crying. The tears werent slowing down. God, what was it with me and crying lately. I've always been great at hiding my emotions...

''Olivia! Open the door!'' I heard a familiar Irish accent call. Niall. Clearly he'd been running after me, he sounded out of breath and worried.

''No!'' I screamed back at him, crying harder

''Please Olivia. I want to help you. If you don't let me in, I'll just have to force the door open'' I could almost hear the smirk that was pulled across his face

''Niall. I'm sort of... Getting dressed. Now is not the time. Talk tomorrow, Bye!'' I hoped he'd get the hint and leave

''Put your clothes back on, you are not going anywhere! Do you hear me? I have your phone, I saw the text. Do not, and I mean do NOT leave this hotel. Please Olivia, listen to me'' He started stressing even more and I could hear him muttering ''Stupid old prick'' and ''How could that peadophile do something like this! She only looks around my age''

I felt alone and vunerable. I didn't know anyone here. I felt abused.

I opened the door and stood looking at Niall James Horan. He looked worried. Worried about me. Niall Horan actually cared about me

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