Stole My Heart

Olivia is your average 15 year old girl from London, her friends and family love and care about her; until her mother and father are killed in a car crash. She leaves London and travels to Spain by her self for some alone time to think things through. Everything goes great until she meets Simon Cowell and he offers her a job that she wants no part in. She finds herself in great danger and agrees to let a certain five boys to help her through hard times


6. Chapter 6

Olivia's POV

Its been two weeks since I landed in Spain and I've been raped 7 times by Simon. I stood near the edge of his chair, looking at the boys who were on the other side of the pool. I couldnt see much from the false eyelashes and contacts I wore.

I'd been covered in a lot of makeup, I felt plastic. Right now, I had 3 layers of thick foundation on, lots of mascara, false eyelashes long enough to confuse my eyesight, contacts, eye liner, eye shadow, lip gloss and glitter. I felt like a barbie doll.

I hated the clothes that got picked for me too, a tiny dress and platform heels, I felt like such a slut.

Simon told me I could leave now, it was getting late. He wanted me to get ready for later... Whatever that meant.

I left the now empty poolside and walked to my hotel room crying, once out of sight, I took off the shoes and rubbed my sore feet. I decided to use the bathroom at the end of the corridoor, it was a public bathroom but it was amazing in there. Of course, you had to wait for a long time if there was someone in there before you.

There was a familiar blonde guy waiting for the bathroom as well as me. I couldnt see much of him, my eyesight was limited now.

''Hey, are you okay?'' He asked me, his Irish accent was so cute

I nodded my head in return, never looking up.

''Use the bathroom before me, I think you need it more than me haha'' He clearly seen all the makeup

''Thankyou'' I whispered

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