Stole My Heart

Olivia is your average 15 year old girl from London, her friends and family love and care about her; until her mother and father are killed in a car crash. She leaves London and travels to Spain by her self for some alone time to think things through. Everything goes great until she meets Simon Cowell and he offers her a job that she wants no part in. She finds herself in great danger and agrees to let a certain five boys to help her through hard times


3. Chapter 3

Olivia's POV

I turned and walked off the plane. Leaving the One Direction boys behind me. I wondered were they were staying...

The taxi ride to my hotel took a good hour or two. I couldn't wait to see my five star hotel. However, I'd need to find a job if i wanted to stay here for a while.

I entered my room, God it was gorgeous! Everything was white and looked like something from a movie! I ran to my king sized bed, flopped down on it and cried. I haven't cried in a long time. I didn't cry at my parents funeral either, I stayed strong for them.

I began to think about my friends. were they missing me? How could I leave without speaking to anyone! They must hate me! Then I cried harder.


Eventually, I cried myself to sleep. I tossed and turned all night, the bed was comfy of course, but bad thoughts keept swimming around my head.

They've all forgotten about you Olivia

You never meant anything to them anyway

Why would any of them miss you?

You didn't even stop and work things out with Meg, you just left

I couldn't take it anymore so I got up to check my phone and see what time it was. 6:30. I felt awake enough, so I jumped into the shower and washed bad memories away.

I decided to go and look for jobs today, I had to dress to please people, always make a good first impression! I put some very short denim shorts on (The weather was...HOT!) and a flowered top that was baggy on me with thin straps. I finished it off with a pair of white converse and let my hair fall naturally before pinning the left side back. I applied some mascara and grabbed a handful of money and headed for the door.


Wow it was hot in Spain, I liked it here..

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