Stole My Heart

Olivia is your average 15 year old girl from London, her friends and family love and care about her; until her mother and father are killed in a car crash. She leaves London and travels to Spain by her self for some alone time to think things through. Everything goes great until she meets Simon Cowell and he offers her a job that she wants no part in. She finds herself in great danger and agrees to let a certain five boys to help her through hard times


11. Chapter 11

Niall's POV

I watched her lie still in the hospital bed looking like a ghost.

Anyone would think she was dead if they looked at her

I've never seen a dead person, but this is probably what one would look like.

The doctors said she was in a coma after not eating in so long, she looked so beautiful and peaceful. I think i'm falling in love with a girl I've only just met.

There was a possability that she could still hear people even in her coma

''Baby you light up my world like nobody else, The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed. Right now i'm looking at you and its hard to tell. You dont know, oh dont know your beautiful'' I whispered and felt the tears rolling down my cheek

This chapter isnt over yet! I'm soon going to introduce a couple of Harry's ex girlfriends

Leave me a comment with a few details about yourself, what you look like, likes and dislikes, hobbies ecttt....

Thankyou for reading

I love you guys x

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