Slowly But Surely

This movella is about a 14 year old girl named Flora Veronica Kendall. She is on her death bed when she is zapped into her... interesting... childhood memories. She slowly makes her way back to the present. I hope you enjoy my wonderful imagination.

-I am reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and I love it-


6. Age 9- Don't Hit Her!

It had stopped at my worst memory.

My 9 year old self was standing in the door way, looking to my living room.

My mother was on the ground at my father's feet, tears streaming from her eyes and a terrible red mark on her cheek.

I had ran out to comfort my mother.

My father pulled me away from my mother, a hand raised in hitting position.

"Don't hit her!" my mother yelled, getting my father's hand off of me.

He turned to her and hit her on the face.

I had burst into tears.

My father looked my way and left the room, leaving myself and my mother there.

The whirl came back again.

For once I was relieved.

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