Slowly But Surely

This movella is about a 14 year old girl named Flora Veronica Kendall. She is on her death bed when she is zapped into her... interesting... childhood memories. She slowly makes her way back to the present. I hope you enjoy my wonderful imagination.

-I am reading The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and I love it-


8. Age 14-The Day Before

The whirl had stopped at the library that I went to.

I was sitting outside, reading one of my favorite books.

I group of odd looking people -when I mean odd, I mean an assortment of people- came up to me. One guy was pushed in front of me.

"H-h-hello Flora," he said, trying to not make eye contact with me out of nervousness.

"Hello," I said simply.

One of the others coughed and everyone -including my 14 year old self and my other self- started laughing.

After everyone stopped laughing the guy went on.

"W-w-would you l-l-like to go around town with us?" he said, finally making contact with me.

I nodded and went off with them.

It's hard to remember that was yesterday.

The whirl went off but instead of the one I had experienced before, it was more intense. 

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