Falling Apart

Harry Styles had known Missy Daniels since they were four. They got together three years ago, the same year One Direction were formed. Harry had always promised Missy that on her 18th birthday, he would take her somewhere far away for a long, romantic holiday. Yet One Direction is breaking down. If Harry fulfils his promise, he will lose his career. If he stays to save his music, he will lose the one he loves. So Harry Styles, who is going to be falling apart?


1. Phone Call

Missy's POV


I jumped at his sudden voice, and choked on my own gasp.

"Yeah?" I replied. I heard Harry breath out in releif.

"Good, you're still there. I'm so sorry about this. Manegement can't have one bloody meeting, it has to cut it up with coffee breaks every ten minutes." Harry was angry but laughing. He seemed to think he was being sarcastic, yet he was being completeley truthful. I had been on the phone for about 40 minutes, and had waited in silence for half of that time.

"Look Harry, I could just call you back later." I heard myself say harshly, then added a blushing sentence, "You know, if you're busy."

"No, I think it's over now baby. I miss you so much." Harry sighed. I smiled. I'd been missing him too. While he was in America, his voice was crackly and static and I couldn't see him, or give him a hug. When we talked on Skype, Niall and Louis would stand behind the camera and just muck about, whereas Liam and Zayn would actually talk to me. I never talked to Harry as Harry, only as Harry Styles from One Direction.

"I know. I just..." I began but then Harry put his hand over the phone, pretend I couldn't hear anything

"Niall?" I heard him ask, "Where the hell have you been?"

"Out." Niall replied. Even from Britain, I could hear he was drunk.

"You're bloody drunk again! Where's Zayn?" Harry yelled. Glass smashed across the floor and Niall laughed.

"Being sick. In a gutter somewhere."

"Where you out with him?"

"Yeah." Niall's voice sounded thick and heavy. Harry was breathing angrily and I heard the phone drop onto a table, or the floor.

"I've been in meetings for the past four hours, while you've been out with Zayn getting hammered!" Harry yelled. I put down the phone. I couldn't be bothered with the fighting anymore. Niall and Zayn were always going out, drinking so much they couldn't get home, or in two cases, spending a night in a cell. Louis was always leaving America to see Eleanor, just to keep his realtionship there. If Harry was here, he'd spend the whole time worrying about going back before he got in any trouble. Liam was the only one who stuck to the rules, and sometimes he got so sick of everyone else, he went into a kind of meltdown. He wouldn't talk, eat or drink for days. My phone came to life again, this time saying Louis was calling me.

"Hello?" I greeted.

"Hey Missy." Louis replied. He must have been in London, becasue horns and vehicles were blarring in the background.

"What's up, Louis?" I asked.

"I'm in London. You wanna grab a coffee?" He replied. I put on my shoes and grabbed my coat, all while giving Louis my answer.

"Yeah sure. Meet me at Dollar in ten."



A.N: I know it's short but I wanted to give you a bit of teaser before the story really starts. Please comment, I will reply, read, like, whatever! Luv 2 u all! xx :)


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