Give Me Love

Hannah moved to London from Australia. On the plane ride, she meets a perky brit named Eleanor. Little does Hannah know that Eleanor is dating Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. When Hannah finally meets the boys, she starts to fall for Harry. Will their relationship work? Or will his fame get in the way?


1. Plane Ride

Hannah’s POV

I tapped my foot impatiently. I’ve been waiting in the airport for over two hours. My ears perked up as I heard a voice on the loud speaker.

“Flight 201 to Mexico.”

I groaned. That wasn’t my flight. Suddenly, I got a text from my best friend from back home, Gianna.

From: Gianna
Are you there yet?
To: Gianna
My flight hasn’t even been called yet :/
From: Gianna
Aw im sorry. HAN IM GONNA MISS YOU :(
To: Gianna
I’m gonna miss you too ugh don’t make me cry
From: Gianna
I’ll visit a lot! And by the time I visit you better have a boyfriend to introduce me to(;
To: Gianna
Oh I will honey(;

I sat there waiting for about another 20 minutes until I heard another voice on the loud speaker.

“Flight 203 to London.”

I jumped out of my seat and grabbed my bags. I was moving to London today so I was kind of nervous, but still really excited. I reached in my pocket and grabbed my phone again to text Gianna.

To: Gianna
They just called my flight!
From: Gianna
Finally!! Have a good flight(:

The woman at the desk checked my plane tickets and let me go through. I boarded the plane and found my seat. As I sat down, a pretty girl with long brown hair and brown eyes sat down next to me.

“Hello,” she said in her perky British accent.

“Hi there!” I responded with a smile.

“Whoa! You're an Aussie girl I see.” She said smiling. I could tell she could hear my slight Australian accent. I smiled back.

“What’s your name?” I asked politely.

“Eleanor,” she responded. “What about you?”

“Hannah.” I said.

I took out my phone and started to tweet when the high pitched voice of one of the flight attendents interrupted me.

“Phones away,” she said cheerfully. “We are about to start the flight.”

I sighed as I turned off my iPhone and stuck it in my purse.

Eleanor and I talked for the rest of the plane ride until we arrived in London. As we got off the plane, we exchanged numbers and said our goodbyes.

“Well,” she said. “Since I can tell you’re not from.. you know… around here.. call me if you need me to show you around or anything!”

“Alright!” I responded with a smile.

As I walked off the plane I felt a rush of cold air. I shivered. Suddenly, I laughed, realizing that I was so cold because I was so used to the Australia heat.

I walked inside the London airport and picked up my luggage. I rolled my luggage outside and got into a cab. I gave the cab driver the address to my flat and he drove me there. I got there in about 10 minutes.

I stepped out of the car and, once again, felt a chill go through my body. I walked up to my flat.

"Room 309. 2nd floor." I said to myself as I searched for the room number.

I searched around for a bit until I finally found it. I put the key in the lock and opened it. Wow, it was nice. It had a cute little kitchen, a TV room, and a bedroom. It also had a very nice view of the city.

I opened up my bag and took everything out of it. I put all of my things away, neatly folding all the clothes as the perfectionist I am. I organized everything until it looked good.

After a long flight I was pretty jet lagged. The next thing I knew I was on my bed falling asleep.

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