Give Me Love

Hannah moved to London from Australia. On the plane ride, she meets a perky brit named Eleanor. Little does Hannah know that Eleanor is dating Louis Tomlinson of One Direction. When Hannah finally meets the boys, she starts to fall for Harry. Will their relationship work? Or will his fame get in the way?


3. Is This Actually Happening?

Hannah's POV

"Hi!" the five boys replied in unison. I was speechless. I can't believe I was standing in front of One Direction- and that my new friends are dating three of them.

My thoughts were interrupted by Perrie waving her hand over my face.

"Helloooo?" She said. Everyone laughed as I snapped back to reality. "So if you don't know yet Hannah, I'm dating Zayn, Eleanor is dating Louis, and Danielle is dating Liam." Perrie said with a smile and a hint of back-off-zayn-he's-mine kind of tone. I nodded.

"That means Harry and Niall are single!" Danielle said nudging me. I blushed along with Niall and Harry as everyone else laughed.

There was an awkward silence until Zayn finally spoke. "Um, come inside I guess." He said welcoming us into his house.

We all walked inside. As I looked around, I was stunned. Zayn's house was beautiful- and not to mention HUGE.

We all sat down on the couch and were quiet for a moment.

"So Hannah why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?" Louis asked curiously.

"Well.. uh.. I just moved here from Australia," I said.

"I think they can tell by your accent sweetie," Danielle said as everyone laughed.

Danielle smiled as she looked over at Perrie pecking Zayn on the cheek then turned her attention back to me.

"So, since you're pretty much the guest here, what do you want to do?" Danielle asked me.

"Um.. how about we watch a movie," I said shyly.

Everyone nodded in agreement as we walked into Zayn's room and sat on his large bed. Zayn clicked on the TV.

"What do you all wanna watch?" Zayn asked.

"Let's watch Paranormal Activity!" Niall said eagerly.

Everyone groaned.

"It's okay Dani, I'll comfort you," Liam said sweetly to Danielle. She pecked him on the lips and smiled as everyone "aww"ed.

Niall groaned. "Okay lovebirds," he said. "We're watching the movie now so keep your tongues to yourselves." I giggled along with everyone else as Danielle stuck her tongue out at Niall.

As Zayn popped the movie into the disc, we all bundled up in blankets.

The movie came on. Ten minutes into the movie, all of the girls were shaking. I looked around in envy as my three new friends were being comforted by there boyfriends. I sighed and shook it off.

I shrieked about halfway through the movie as a really scary scene came on. Suddenly Harry, sitting next to me, reached over and put his hand on my shaking hand, trying to comfort me. He looked at me and grinned a reassuring smile, showing me his adorable dimples. I looked into his sparkling green eyes and smiled back, realizing that he had beautiful eyes. Then, as soon as I knew it, our moment was over as he pulled his hand away and turned back towards the TV. I sighed.

As the movie went on, I felt myself slowly falling asleep, my eyes trying to stay open. I struggled to stay awake; it was starting to get really late. Finally, my body gave in as I slowly drifted to sleep.


I woke up from everyone around me laughing. I blushed furiously and quickly got up, realizing I fell asleep on Harry's shoulder.

I looked over at Harry. "Sorry," I quietly mumbled. This was so embarrassing. Harry then winked at me, which gave me butterflies in my stomach.

"What happened to the movie?" I asked trying to change the subject.

"It ended," Niall said.

"You missed the whole thing because you were too busy having a cuddle session with Haz," Zayn said winking as everyone laughed. Once again, my cheeks turned bright red.

"Oh leave the poor girl alone! She's already embarrassed enough!" Perrie said.

"Okay okay," everyone said settling down.

I mouthed a "Thank you" to Perrie.

"Anytime" she mouthed back.

"Okay," Eleanor said getting up. "We should get going. Night."

"Goodnight!" Everyone said to each other as the couples shared their cute goodnight kisses. I looked over at Harry. He smiled and waved goodbye to me and I waved back.

El, Perrie, Dani, and I all walked back to the car, this time not blasting One Direction. We were all exhausted.

I dozed off for a bit. As soon as I knew it I was shooken awake by Danielle.

"Wake up sleepy head! We're here!" she said.

I groaned and sat up. "Goodnight everyone! Thank you all so much I had a great time!" I said.

"Goodbye!" They all said.

I shut the car door and they drove away. As soon as they were gone I sprinted into the building and up to my warm flat. I shoved in the key, turned it, and opened the door. I sighed with relief as the warm air rushed to me. I jumped on my bed and laid there for a moment until I realize I still had to get ready for bed.

I reluctantly got up and started getting changed. As I took off my boot, I noticed a little white note slip out onto the ground. I looked at it confused and picked it up. I opened it up the crumpled note and read it. It had a phone number on it. Underneath the number it said:

Text me xx

I smiled to myself. He must've slipped the note into my boot as I was sleeping. Wow, that boy is really cheeky. And not too mention a flirt. I took out my white iPhone and programmed in his number. Should I text him now? No. That'll seem too desperate. I'll text him in the morning.

I continued to change, putting on my comfy pajamas. I then walked into the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth and washed my face, then fell right down on my bed. It was a long day. In about a minute, I fell straight to sleep.    
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