how did this happen?

(im not sure if this will have mature content but ill inform you then)
>:( i really love 1D louis is my fave but ill probally never meet him...


2. meeting friends


"this is niall and this is liam and this is harry and this is zayn." explained louis. "nice to meet you" i say as i shake hands and get hugs.  "im hungry" i say as we head to the playground at our school. "wanna get some burgers??????" niall asks cutely. a bunch of "sure" 's and "ya" 's come from the others. "ok let me run home and get some money" i say. "no, on the house. we'll pay!" says lou. "ok sounds like a plan".


"ill get some fries and a big mac and a salad and a medium coke please" niall says. "ummmm ill take a.... double cheese burger with extra onions, extra ketchup and medium fries oh and a small rootbeer please" i say to the cashier. after we all order we get a booth for six while harry waits for our order. soon harry comes back with our food. "so what grade are you in sasha?" asks liam trying to make small talk."five" i answer. "what about you guys? i ask the boys "grade 5" i hear from them. "cool. you must be from the other classes right?" i ask. "yep" says liam. "Mrs. Beetree" harry says.


(sorry of it sucks i have no ideas)

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