Forbidden Love

Lola works backstage at the x factor. Her and her friend Ellie are told to stay distant and professional from the acts but when Irish sweetheart Niall Horan comes along can she keep her promise?

This story is realistic and follows quite similarly to the boys' experience on the x factor with Lola's story entwined. A story of forbidden love and difficult situations, can the 1D boys help each other on their quest for fame, love and friendship?

Any Comments appreciated - constructive criticism only ;-) NO HATE PLEASE!


2. The End of the Road





I fling my hand to my phone to hit the snooze button on y alarm. There's a text from Simon Cowell;

'Don't bother coming today - you're kicked out' it reads... My heart drops. My dream is over, why have they kicked me out? I feel the tears prickling to my eyes and can't hold them back...   




My eyes fly open. Just a dream... phew. I'm still in. Feeling pretty happy that there is no text from Simon Cowell, but at the same time pretty gutted I don't have his number, I reply to my brothers' text and a few of my mates wishing me good luck for today.

I get in the shower. What will I be feeling next time I'm in this shower... that same hopelessness i felt in my dream or grinning non-stop like an idiot?

I arrive at the o2 for the second and final time. I can't see anyone I recognise, but to be honest I think all the girls look the same and there are so many lads here I haven't bothered to try and remember one of their faces. "Will all the groups come this way please" Someone shouted. A group of girls in front of me moved towards the girl's voice. I let them past, half-heartedly returning one of the girls' smile. My mind was on the backstage girl again... Maybe I'd get to see her today, getting through and seeing her would make a perfect day! Imagine getting her number... I catch the boy in front of me's eye, he's giving me a weird look. I suddenly realize I'm standing there in a daydream grinning to myself, I cough hurriedly and turn away from him, feeling the heat rise in my face.

"All boys age 16-25 this way please" a man's voice shouts. I walk towards him, I'm one of the last people in the big queue so I'm first to reach the man who called us over. 

"Name?" He mumbles

"Niall Horan" I reply.

"Go through to the stage area" he mumbles again in a french sounding accent.

"Thanks" I say automatically.  


I swear this stage looks bigger than yesterday... a few of the groups are here, but i'm the only person alone. Being in a group must be cool. I watch a boy band as they laugh together at something. Finding myself feeling strangely lonely i wander to the toilets to pass the time. Down the white corridor, there's a lot more people in here now, I guess they've let the over 25's category in as i see a man who looks about 85 hobbling through the corridor on a walking stick. I try to hide my laugh as i carry on walking.

Back on stage after my toilet trip i regret going, the stage is now so packed that I can barely get on it. It seems a lot fuller then yesterday. Now I look like an idiot standing in the wings. Great.

But there's a girl about 4 people in front of me with long brown hair curled slightly. Could it be the girl i met at auditions? I'm on tiptoes trying to get a better view of her, moving around to see her face and is it - shit. My feet trip over some wires and I narrowly avoid face planting, regaining my balance i look around to see if anyone noticed me. None of the contestants are looking, steal a glance behind me...

Oh god.  



It's him, Niall! We catch eyes and i notice his eyes widen as he recognizes me. 

"Have a nice trip?" I smirk, staying casually leaned on the table. 

"I - it wasn't a trip - I just" he stutters.

"Sure" I laugh, trying not to catch his eye again, his twinkly blue eyes hook me too easily. I feel bad, "You're Niall from Dublin right?" I said it way too fast - I shouldn't have said from Dublin, way too eager! He'll think I'm obsessed with him!

"Yep, Niall from Dublin" He replies, with a smirk. "And you are..."

"Lola... from Birmingham"

"Well Lola from Birmingham" he says with a slight laugh, "Nice to meet you" We shake hands, eyes meeting over the top. His hands feel like silk, soft and gentle. We hold on for a little too long...

"Lola, come here" i hear Ellie call. I pull away instantly and do my best attempt at a 'sorry not sorry' look to him, trying to play hard-to-get. 

"Yeah?" I say strolling over to Ellie, leaving Niall looking after me.

"Who is he?" she says, doing a casual eye flick in Niall's direction. 

"Oh, just some lad"

"Don't get too attached... You know what they're like here" She did another casual eye flick towards the producers standing behind her.

"It's harmless flirting and besides - you can't talk" i say pouting my lips to mimic a kiss.

"Fine" she laughs, starting to walk away "just seems different to how you usually treat the curious ones - blowing them off" With that she winks and wanders off grinning to herself.

I turn to see what Niall is doing. He's a lot closer than he was before, kneeling down. I look over his shoulder to see what he's doing. Pretending to do up his shoelace. 

"At least undo your shoelace if you're trying to eavesdrop someone's conversation" i say in a slightly exaggerated whisper. He looks up, blushing. I wink at him and walk off.  



Wow. How can she be so beautiful? So distant yet so.. flirtatious -

"Okay, settle down everyone" I hear a man shouting. Everyone's quiet straight away. "We're going to split you into your categories again and you'll perform the dance we taught you yesterday to the judges. Groups, you'll perform a different dance as you know." Stupid groups, they'll get an easier dance. "So girls age 16-25 take your place on the stage please, everyone else take a seat in the auditorium near the front" We all go to sit down, the noise rising rapidly, but the judges walk in and everyone goes silent - trying to make a good impression i guess. The judges take their seats.  

The girls are good. They can all dance. All of them. I'm going to look like such an idiot up there... and what if Lola's watching?! 

"Boys category - up you get" the man shouts way too soon. Good Luck me.  


Arm - arm - foot - out - down - head - stamp - up. The music cuts off. I catch eyes with a few of the other boys and stage and no-one seems to know what's going on. Simon Cowell is muttering to one of the backstage workers, it looks like the girl Lola went off and spoke to in the wings... or maybe i'm just seeing Lola everywhere.

"Does anyone know where Zayn is?" Simon says. No-one reacts. He gets up and goes backstage. What are we supposed to do? Who is this Zayn boy... he must be good if Simon has personally gone to find him. Better than me...'You're not as good as you thought you were' i hear Simon's voice ring in my ears. 5 minutes later, I turn around to see a boy about the same age as me walk onto the stage looking pretty embarrassed, he must be Zayn. He took his place in the line in front of me and Simon started the music again. 

Arm - arm - foot - out - down - head - up - stamp. Shit.  


Back in the waiting room after our solo songs, I can't help but feel sorry for the boy sitting opposite me. That Zayn boy. He couldn't dance for shit which i guess is why he wouldn't do it at first. He really did mess it up. At least it made me look a bit better though...



This is the worst part of boot camp. The wait for the result. They bring onto the stage the whole category at one time and read out the names of the ones going through. I hate seeing the ones that go home, seeing anyone looking  as crushed as they do when they come out of that room is horrible. Niall can't go home. Nor the curly haired boy - Harry. Our job is to learn the names of the ones that are through and talk to them, getting to know them.  

"What about the runaway dancer lad then?" Ellie says, breaking my thoughts. "You know... Zayn or something? He was hot Lola you gotta admit it! I don't know if he'll get through after that though  and he messed up the dance, did you see him? Mind you, Simon went after him. When i told him he was missing he was all 'he's important. stop the backing track' weren't he? That means something, don't it... Are you even listening Lola?"

"Mmm" I reply. Ellie sighs. Talking about Zayn's dancing has reminded me of Niall again... why do i keep thinking about him?! He's just another flirt... forget him! But he's more than that to me. I won't get to see him much even if he does get through... Mine and Ellie's jobs are to the groups category - we have to "emotionally mentor" 1 group each. It'll probably be a good thing if he doesn't get through, so i don't have to see him at all. I'm so selfish... 

Suddenly I hear the first group of people making their way up the steps onto the stage - to be told their fate. I see Zayn, Harry, Andy and that Liam. I see some other good looking lads that i recognize and some amazing singers. Niall walks in, he looks so nervous... He looks up and catches my eye. He half-smiles. I return it and  mime good luck. Ellie rolls her eyes at me from across the wing. 

Simon speaks first when all the acts are lined up on stage. 

"The first person going through to judges houses is..." i cross my fingers into my sleeve.

"John Wilding ..."

"Nicolo Vesta ..."

"Paije Richardson ... "

"Aiden Grimshaw ..." All the boys clap for each name read out. I watch Niall, the hope in his eyes.

"Marlin Mckenzie ..." No...

"Karl Brown ..." Niall faces the floor...

"Matt Cardle ..." Please...

"The final contestant whose made it through is..." Niall's eyes glisten in the stagelights...     



"Tom Richards" I feel my head droop. This is it. I'm gone... No girls screaming my name... no arena selling tour... no more singing on stage... I feel the tears verging on my eyelids and throw my hands into my hair... How are you supposed to react to this?

"That's it guys. Really, really sorry" I try to look up and hold the tears in, be happy for those who got through... How will I tell my mom... Why not me... I glance off stage, wanting to get off this stage - away from this. I walk into the wing. All around me boys like me - dreams crushed. 

"That's the worst thing i've ever done in my life" I say to Dermot O'Leary and the camera... Trying my best to hold back the tears, "Waiting for your name to be called and it just isn't..." My tears well up again "Sorry..."  I walk away hiding my head in my jumper... How has this happened...

I see Lola walking towards me, but what can she say to make me feel better. She walks up to me, her emerald eyes sparkling. She hugs me. No words, it's better this way. I hug her back and it feels right... just like it all felt right... being on stage. Now it's all over...

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