Forbidden Love

Lola works backstage at the x factor. Her and her friend Ellie are told to stay distant and professional from the acts but when Irish sweetheart Niall Horan comes along can she keep her promise?

This story is realistic and follows quite similarly to the boys' experience on the x factor with Lola's story entwined. A story of forbidden love and difficult situations, can the 1D boys help each other on their quest for fame, love and friendship?

Any Comments appreciated - constructive criticism only ;-) NO HATE PLEASE!


3. A Lifeline...


I pull away and let him hold my hand for a second longer. Then he turns around and walks away. 


How is he going home and some of the others got through? I make my way to the staff toilets because i can feel tears coming... This is so stupid... I don't even know this boy. He feels different though to he other lads who talk to me though, he seems like he actually cares, when his eyes pook into mine I feel like they're supposed to. What's come over me! I'm not into any of this soppy crap. It's true though, I don't believe in fate, but this is something... but now it's gone...


"Lola? You in here? They want us on stage" Ellie shouts.

"Yeah, coming" I reply. I haven't cried much, so my eyes won't be blotchy. I dab them a final time, take a deep breath and unlock the door. 

"Come here" Ellie says, hugging me. "This is so unlike you, I can't believe it!" She says, "You have to forget him, yeah?" she finishes.



We make our way back to the stage and stroll on to find the judges sitting in silence. 

Nicole Scherzinger spoke first; "You two are the group girls right?" We were used to being referred to as the 'group girls' from last year. 

"Yeah we are" I replied.

Simon spoke next "Between you can you find these five boys; Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan -" my ears perked up"- and bring them back to the stage immediately?"

"Sure" we say together and head off. 

"I'll get Niall and Liam you find the other two" Ellie said.

She was clever, seeing Niall again would probably upset me I was quickly losing my upset though... there was only one reason they could want these boys back... they've changed their minds... they're too good to let go. I practically run down the last corridor to the waiting room. When i get in there I stand on a chair next to the door "ZAYN MALIK, HARRY STYLES AND LOUIS TOMLINSON, make your way over here please" I notice Harry, his cheeky face looking broken-hearted, but his eyes confused as to why i wanted him. He's walking over with a boy who I assume is Louis. Zayn comes over last.

"They want you on stage" I say. They're faces look confused but i see a spark in Harry's eyes, he must be thinking the same as me.

"You're Zayn aren't you?" Louis says to Zayn.

"Yeah, Louis? Harry?" he says,nodding to them both. It seems to me like they know each other the way their conversation flows after, talking about the journey they have to do home, they seem to be avoiding the topic ofthe fact that they're actually going there. I walk onstage with them. 

On the other side of the stage is two other group girls we work with, Zoe and Tina, they have 4 girls with them who look just as confused as the boys. Ellie walks on with Niall and Liam, I notice how Liam and Ellie are walking rather close. I look away from Niall towards the judges, so we won't catch eyes.

 I see Liam nod to the other lads who all nod back except Louis who gives an enthusiastic wave. I laugh silently and face the judges. 

"Hello" Nicole starts. "I know judging by some of your faces this is really hard for you. We've thought long and hard about this and we've thought of you as individuals and we feel that you're too talented to let go of... we think it'd be a great idea if we were to have 2 separate groups... and we've decided to put you both through"

My heart lifts!

"OH MY GOD!!" 



I turn around to look at the boys, they're all jumping around hugging eachother - Niall runs forward and hugs me tight, it feels right again, but we're too excited to think about that right now;

"Well done!!" I shout over the noise

Harry runs over, picks me up and spins me round - I scream laughing! 

"So" Simon says, bringing us all down to earth. "These girls are Ellie Taylor, Lola Ashton, Tina Philpott and Zoe Alps" gesturing to us all. "They're your group girls, they'll be with you a lot of the time, at judges houses and if you make it to the live finals and stay in the house. This is a lifeline guys, good luck." 

And with that, we all run off stage, still grinning. 

"This is going to be amazing!" Ellie whispers to me.

"I know! I can't believe it" I reply as we walk into a deserted corridor, the boys behind us. 

"Nor me!" Niall shouts appearing behind me and lifting me up for a second. I scream again, laughing with the rest. "This is going to be awesome" Niall laughs and the rest say their approvals. I feel Niall tug me behind slightly by my t-shirt, "right?" he says, looking directly into my eyes. "yeah... awesome" I say, losing track of what I'm agreeing to as i get lost in his eyes. I hear the boys and Ellie shut the  door behind them at the other end of the corridor. We're alone. I go to walk on with him, feeling like I'm keeping him from the fun. As i break our eye contact and turn my head, Niall puts his hands on my cheeks, turns me and kisses me full on the lips. Wow. His hands loosen my face and he moves them to either side of my waist... My lips curve upwards into a smile. I rest my hands around his neck, doing what came naturally. The chemistry is unreal... the fireworks in my mind are beyond what i've ever felt before and my body feels like jelly, he's -

"Are you two coming or wha-" I push Niall off me instantly. Louis was at the door "Woah. Sorry man, I didn't know erm you two were..." he looked at Niall. Niall grinned at him and shook his head. "I'll just leave you to it then!" Louis shouted and ran out. We were alone again. Niall kissed my cheek. "Come on" he smirked "We'd better go"


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