The pretty girl who fell in love with Harry styles

A One Direction fanfiction.. obviously. Maddy also known as madds meets One Direction in quite unusual circumstances and when she falls for Harry Styles, her world spins out of control... Harry Styles, One Direction, 1D, Louis Tomlinson. Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan


2. Chapter 2

"You have to call him!" Makayla shouted, while jumping on my bed.

It had been a few hours since our encounter with the boys. I started at my phone nervously, and then at the pad that Harry had written his number on.

"I don't want to seem too eager. Maybe I should wait a day." I mumbled."You are insane." Makayla said, snatching my phone from my hands and quickly dialing Harry's number into it. I tried to grab the phone back, but before I could she had pressed the call button and a ringing sound came out of my phone. She handed it back to me and I put it on speaker. My heart was pounding even harder than it was earlier at the drug store. It rang, and rang, and rang, and finally I reached his voicemail. I snapped the phone shut, a lump growing in my throat. 

"See no answer," I handed Makayla the phone, not able to look her in the eye.

"Maddy," Makayla sat down on the bed, beside me and hugged my shoulder; "he's Harry Styles for God's sake! He's probably busy."

I knew I shouldn't have been disappointed, I mean he was the one who gave me his number, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for myself, which is pretty pathetic. I had been in love with One Direction from the minute I knew who they were, but Harry had a special place in my heart. Just the sight of him made my heart skip a beat. And though I sounded like a pathetic little fangirl, I couldn't really help it. 

When I didn't answer, Makayla said, "Come on; let's go grab a bite to eat."

I agreed. I grabbed my jacket and was about to pick up my phone, when Makayla slapped my hand away.

"Don't take it!" she said, "it'll just keep you in a bad mood."

I rolled my eyes, but left it on my bed anyway.

We went out to some Italian restaurant and then to the cinema to watch a film, and for a while I actually forgot about Harry. 

"See wasn't that fun!" Makayla laughed, linking her arm into mine as we walked out the theater.

"Ya, I guess it was." I answered, trying not to seem too eager.

"AND you completely forgot about Curly! I could tell," Makayla teased. I shot her a death glare and she chuckled, playfully punching my arm. I couldn't help but crack a smile.
When we finally found our parking spot, Makayla plopped into the driver's seat and immediately turned on the radio. She flipped to her favorite Top 40s station. A new song had immediately begun playing and it didn't exactly lighten my mood:

Shot me outta the sky,

You're my kryptonite,

You keep making me weak

Yeah, frozen and can't brea-

My hand instinctively hit the POWER OFF button on the radio and the music seized. I acted like nothing had happened and stared out the window. Trying to ignore it best as I possibly could, I started an irrelevant conversation with Makayla. Makayla answered the questions I asked her half-heartedly, knowing I didn't really care about her answers.

 After a quite awkward car ride, we finally reached my house. Makayla  and I greeted my folks and ran up the stairs to my room. Makayla decided to sleep over, considering there was much damage control she needed to take care of (duties of a best friend). 

We burst through my bedroom door and I fell onto my bed, letting out a rather loud sigh. Makayla  responded by doing the same thing. I squirmed and felt something hard beneath my back. I fished under my back and over my comforter and pulled out my phone. I turned it on and it lit up. I stared frozen at my phone screen and sat up. I must have read it wrong.. I sat up on my bed and squinted at the screen. Nope, what I read was right. There on my cell phone screen was a notification that read:

Missed Call



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