100 and 1 Quotes for the Year!

You've had 51, 52, 53, 54, and 55 inspiring quotes, but collectively that only makes 265 quotes! So, now here are the last 100 (101) quotes for the year, accounting even the possible Leap year. (Likes, Faves, and comments are appreciated.)


43. 43

     A skilled fighter only turns his opponent’s strength to his advantage. Sometimes he may not even need to strike his opponent. Now, in order to do so this takes vigorous and rough training… and above all else: experience. In my opinion, this same concept can be related to evil and/or pain. You can choose to absorb its blows, or you may choose to turn it into healing and rejuvenation. The first time it is decidedly so that you will absorb its blows because you lack experience. This is when everyone will come to fall, and just as there are many skills to fighting, it will take time to learn all the maneuvers. So, you will fall multiple times. Though once one becomes skilled enough, you will be able to turn darkness into light, for darkness always yields to light. You will bleed, and you will sweat – this is promised. But from your blood and sweat, you have the power to save others. Personal experiences can be used to teach others to avoid the same mistakes, and through this proof, that I have seen countless times, I choose to believe this. One of two things can happen. You may choose to have pure good fueled by evil, or you may choose to have evil continuously fuel itself (hence making more evil actions). So, no we are not perfect, but within us lies the power to do good works. Perfection is something that fuels itself, and so we are forced to fuel our good works by transforming evil. Just as darkness yields to light, evil yields to good.

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