100 and 1 Quotes for the Year!

You've had 51, 52, 53, 54, and 55 inspiring quotes, but collectively that only makes 265 quotes! So, now here are the last 100 (101) quotes for the year, accounting even the possible Leap year. (Likes, Faves, and comments are appreciated.)


34. 34

Now I mourn for the death of a hero,

A champion who died at the swing--

The swing that left an unbearable sting.

The death brought pain and sorrow.

So, we were coerced to look toward tomorrow.


How bold was he: he who knows time,

It has left us without a trace--

A trace that we foolishly chose to replace.

In this world, we have lost our place.

So, we seek you, and we seek your grace.


We look at the rubble, which all is irrelevant.

His death lives on in our years forever--

Years forever, his actions will never sever.

In the end does his death truly exist?

So it would seem; but, his legacy does persist.


And now, we come trembling over for victory!

We thought our stars were to be rising that day--

That day when we all gave up our dismay.

Though how much did we cast away?

So, I say: our stars were falling and left astray.


In this time of joy, are we at our revelry or death?

I believe our hero would not die for this--

For this we find ourselves in an abyss.

We call out your name in hopes that you'd return

So that we can redeem: what our spirits yearn.”


(From: "All Hail Barracutus")



Basically, are we so caught up with our lives that we do not try to befriend and care for each other? I may be the first to admit this, but I hate being forced to do wrong; however, I hate fooling myself to believe that previous statement even more.

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