100 and 1 Quotes for the Year!

You've had 51, 52, 53, 54, and 55 inspiring quotes, but collectively that only makes 265 quotes! So, now here are the last 100 (101) quotes for the year, accounting even the possible Leap year. (Likes, Faves, and comments are appreciated.)


33. 33

     "Pink is the color of blood: blood which has been purified, enlightened, and refined in enmity's fire. It leads our way in the darkness, for it has not only accepted darkness to be its own; but it has dwelt in it for so long. It knows no other than death, and through death it gives life. It speaks no other than pain, yet through pain it gives renewal. It has been given a chance of peace, yet still it chooses to suffer for others. It is a rose that never withers; it is our guide to which we find shelter. The echoes of our past will never dwindle away into the abyss. For we are in the abyss, and where else will it choose to go? The fire only consumes to have more. That is its nature; that is its legacy. Green is the color which always seeks more. Though it is balanced in its cause. It does not burn too bright nor does it burn too little. Choosing to do either would surely cause it to cease eventually. No, it does not run. It stays here only refining more of the world's pain. It stays here because it knows that everything eventually plunges into the abyss. It is here because the past will always echo. Those who listen will hear whispers in the fire. Now it is clear that the true warrior's heart always seeks to suffer for the pain of others...

     Now it is clear why this world still lives on. Knowing the bonds of time, knowing the bonds of impossibilities, knowing the bonds which keep you here are all the same as to knowing the bonds of death. For when a warrior falls, only then will he know if he limited himself. Only then will he know that the world, bound in chains, had so much more to offer. Death brings peace, this is true. Though, death is the worst price to pay for such. Can one ever master death itself? No, death is a salvation, but death is a master. It commands not to heal a heart, but to destroy it. From the first time the blood was spilled, from the first time the grave was made, only more came to follow because it sought a way to make a life know of the inevitable death to come. A perfect illusion for a once perfect world: it only seems fitting."



From my book, "All Hail Barracutus"

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