I Can't Tell You

PrimRose has a secret, no one knows what it is, and bad things will happen if people find out what it is. People are looking for her. She is always on the run, but will she finally stay in one place when she meets 5 certain boys.


1. PrimRose Valentine

         Hey im PrimRose. You can call me Prim or Rose for short, or you can just use my full name. I have a secret, but i cant tell anyone what it is, I can't even tell you. You might try and capture me, I have had people chasing me all of my life. I have a little sister, her name is Ivy. Were not blood related but we are both on the run together and have no parents. I have been taking care of her all of her life. When we met (I cant tell you where), I was about 14 and she was about 2. I don't know my real age, or hers; I only know im around 17 years old and she is about 5.
        Let me tell you a bit about me. I like the color green. I like music but I dont know much and I rarely get to hear it because I am always on the run. I have no favorite movies, because I never saw a full one. My natural hair color is brown but I died it red so it is harder for people to find me. I love animals, but at this rate I will never have one, they are too hard to keep when you are on the run all the time. Since I don't know my real date of birth I made one up, January 12th. I chose that day because that is the day I came up with making up our own birthdays. 
        I am not a picky eater. I grew up on barely anything, so I will eat almost anything. I have even had to eat out of the garbage before, I was that desperate. Another time I had to kill and cook a rat, and don't say ew gross, you would have done it too if you were as desperate as me. I have nothing else to say, I will tell you more as my story goes on. I have to go help Ivy type now, bye lovies.  This is me: http://i.quotev.com/img/q/u/12/03/18/imagesCAD2KGBY.jpg (if you can't see it, it is Ariana Grande)

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