I Can't Tell You

PrimRose has a secret, no one knows what it is, and bad things will happen if people find out what it is. People are looking for her. She is always on the run, but will she finally stay in one place when she meets 5 certain boys.


6. Movie Date

      When we arrive at the hotel, there are hundreds or girls surrounding it. They must be their fans. Zayn comes up to me and says "when we get out there be careful, they will mob you." "I'm claustrophobic." "Crap"I hear him whisper. "Niall come here," he yells. Niall quickly comes over, and says "yeah" "she is claustrophobic, like you. How do you get through all the fans without freaking out?" "I usually put my headphones in to try and block the sound, and move very quickly. 
     I think of a funny idea "you guys are my servant, why don't we put on a little show for our fans." "Why what do you want to do?" Niall asks cautiously. "Carry us like you did before, the fans will get a kick out of it." I say and all at the same time Niall, Louis, and Harry whisper "shit" Liam doesn't really care tho cause he doesn't have to carry anyone. 
      Right before we leave I jump on Niall's back, Zayn jumps on Louis' and Ivy jumps on Harry's. Right when they are going to open the doors Zayn screams "wait, Louis bring me by PrimRose." Louis does as told, and Zayn hands me his phone and headphones. "Thank you" I say and he smiles. I put them on my ears and then we leave. 
     When we walk outside and the fans start screaming even louder, but I can barley hear them, cause I think these headphones block out sounds. I'm listening to a random song on Zayn's iPhone, it is really cute. I think it's called Little Things. We get into the hotel, and Zayn asks "what are you listening to" "I don't know" I reply and he takes his phone to look. He starts laughing, and I saw "what" "that's us" "oh" I blush. He laughs even more and then we go and find our rooms. 
     Once we find our hotel rooms, Zayn and I go and change so we can go on our date. I finish first, because I only have like 2 outfits of clothes left. I'm wearing this: polyvore.com/primrose_movie_date/set?id=73289733
    Zayn meets me by my room, and he looks smoken' hot. "Wow you look amazing" we both say at the exact same time. We laugh, and he takes my hand, and say goodbye to everyone. Ivy is so happy for me it is funny. As Zayn and I are walking, I think in my head for Ivy to hear 'if anything goes wrong send me a message, and be nice to Harry.' She can also send messages with her mind. 'Okay I will, and I love you sissy' 'love you too baby girl'
    Zayn and I finally get to the movies. We walked since it wasn't that far from the hotel. We get our tickets, and a lot of popcorn, and candy. We sit down and put on out 3D glasses. The lights dim and Zayn puts his arm around me. I look at him and he smiles. I lean my head onto my shoulder. The previews come on and we watch in silence. The movie finally starts and I go to grab a handful of popcorn, and Zayn's hand brushes against me, and I blush.  
    We are the only two people on the movie theatre, so we can talk and laugh as loud as we want. The movie says something about some one named Simon Cowell, and Zayn screams "UNCLE SIMON, OH MY GOSH, IT'S UNCLE SIMON." "Who is uncle Simon?" I ask. "He is the one that put our band, One Direction together, when we get back to the hotel, I am totally telling him. I need to know why he didn't tell us he was in this movie." I giggle a bit because of his reaction. 
    I starts laughing again, when Scorch Supernova lands on earth, and he sees that thingamajig by seven eleven, and says, "on my planet we shake hands, but I guess we'll do it your way," an then he starts waving his arms around. Every time I have laugh since we got here, Zayn has been rubbing my arm.  I'm not complaining tho; it feels really nice. 
    When the movie is over we walk out of the movie theatre. On our way back to the hotel we stop at the store, and by more movies and snacks. When we get back to the hotel Zayn texts everyone to let them know we are back, and not to disturb us. Before we put in a movie Zayn calls Simon, and he puts the phone on speaker, so I could hear. 
*ring* *ring*
Simon- Hello?
Zayn- Hi uncle Simon 
Simon- Hello Zayn, how are you?
Zayn- Good, but why didn't you tell us that you were in the new movie Escape To Planet Earth. 
Simon-I didn't even know, when did you find out about it. 
Zayn- My friend PrimRose and I just saw it. 
Simon- Oh well I think I'm going to see that now, ill talk to you later Zayn. Bye. 
Zayn- Bye uncle Simon 
    Zayn hangs up the phone and then he puts in the movie The Hunger Games. I laugh when there is another PrimRose, and say "hey that's my name" this movie is amazing. I love it, and let me tell you Josh Hutcherson is a hottie, and so is Cato. 
     I cry when Rue dies, and Zayn hold me in his arms, trying to comfort me, but it doesn't help very much. He is on the edge of tears too. The rest if the movie is so good, and I love it so much. 
    At the end of the movie Zayn looks me in the eyes, and says "PrimRose, I know we just met, but that date was amazing, would you do the honor of being my girlfriend." (Not One Direction related, but Allie this is the part I was writing when you said GUESS WHAT?!? And I went what and you said my dog farted) "of course I would" I say, and he pulls me into a hug. 
    We pull out of the hug, and stare into each others eyes. We are starting to lean in when there is a knock on the door, we jump apart, and Harry, and Ivy walk in. "I'm sorry to interrupt you love birds, but Ivy is tired, ad wants to go to sleep." "That's fine, the movie just ended, Ivy come here." She runs over to me, and jumps up onto the bed, and Harry leaves. "Zayn, I'm going to get Ivy and I ready for bed, ill be right back."
     I pick Ivy up, and grab the us each our only pair of pajamas. We only have one pair of clothes left. We change quickly, and brush our teeth with the little toothpastes and toothbrushes the hotel provides. We finish brushing our teeth, and we go back to find Zayn right where I left him. 
     I put Ivy into the other bed, and then sit back down next to Zayn. He smiles, and says "was that your last outfit cause you didn't have much clothes with you" "basically, I have one more outfit." "We'll then tomorrow I am taking you girls on a shopping spree."I can't let you spend all that money on me." "It is seriously no problem, I am famous, I have so much money, I don't even know what to do with it, the least I can do is help you, and get you some clothes." "Thank you so much Zayn," I say and give him a big hug. "No problem, but I should probably be going now" "alright" we both get up, and I walk him to the door. Before he leaves he steps closer, and we start to lean in again, but this time with no distractions. Our lips meet, and like before, it feels like fireworks. We pull away, and we both say goodnight, and Zayn leaves. 

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