I Can't Tell You

PrimRose has a secret, no one knows what it is, and bad things will happen if people find out what it is. People are looking for her. She is always on the run, but will she finally stay in one place when she meets 5 certain boys.


2. Ivy Valentine

Hi, im Ivy. I am 5 years old. PrimRose is my sissy, but she treats my like a mommy would, because we don't have one. I have no idea when my birthday is. PrimRose let me make one up. I choose June 27th in remembrance of the we got away from the people that had us captured. I like the color purple. We have no home right now, we are hiding in the woods. Me and sissy are hiding in a tree, where no one will see us. I'm really starting to get hungry. I hope we can find something to eat tonight. I have to go now they might be looking for us. 

This is me: http://i.quotev.com/img/q/u/13/02/05/cute_little_girl.jpg (if you can't see it, it is a cute little girl)

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