I Can't Tell You

PrimRose has a secret, no one knows what it is, and bad things will happen if people find out what it is. People are looking for her. She is always on the run, but will she finally stay in one place when she meets 5 certain boys.


4. Food… Finally.

   We arrived at Trattoria Della Mamma. It looked like a child friendly place so we went in. We sit down and someone  hands us menu's. I'm sitting in between Niall and Zayn, with Ivy on my lap. By the time the waiter comes to take our orders my stomach is growling. I don't really know what I want. What ever ill figure it out as some one else orders. 
       Niall orders first he gets pasta with Parmesan and butter, chicken Alfredo and much more. The waiter looks in my direction and says "What would you like?" "I'll have what he had." I say pointing to Niall. The waiter nods and finishes taking everyones orders. When he leaves all the guys look at me and Zayn says "how can you eat that much food, your a twig?" No point in lying right now, "I haven't eaten in days, and plus when I do eat I always eat this much food." 
    All the boy expressions turned to worry. Niall speaks up and says "How have you not eaten anything?!?!?!" I think I can trust these boys, "Well to tell you the truth, we have been on the run for years" Zayn looks at me sympathetically and says, "If you don't have anywhere to stay, why don't you stay with us." "I can't do that to you guys, I would put you in danger." I say. Zayn frowns and says "No we don't care, I, I mean we want to help you, Liam call Paul and ask if she can stay." Liam pulls out his phone and calls the guy whose name is apparently Paul. "Who's Paul?" I ask. "He is out body guard." Zayn replies. Liam soon hangs up the phone and says "They can stay." All the boys and Ivy cheer. I don't know what to do. 
    "I'll be right back, I have to go to the ladies room, Ivy can you please come with me." She nods. Niall gets up and lets us through. I grab Ivy's hand, and lead her to the bathroom. Once we get in there I make sure no one else is in there. When I am sure no one is there, I whisper to Ivy "can we trust them?" She smiles and says "yes we can trust them, they all want to help us, and Zayn thinks your really pretty." I laugh at her response and she gasps and jumps up and down "you think he is cute too" she giggles ad continues an jumps up and down a little more before I calm her down. I never had a boyfriend; I never really knew any guys. "Ivy you know that no one can know that right" she nods her head yes. 
     Your probably wondering how she knows all this stuff, right? Well to start off this isn't why people are trying to get us. That is nothing close to the big secret. This is only a really small part of out secret. This part of the secret is Ivy can read minds. 
     "Ivy, you know we can't tell them anything about us right?" "Right" she answers, and right when she finishes saying that some one comes into the bathroom. "We should go back to the table now, alright?" "Yeah sissy" I take her hand again an lead her back to the table. 
   We talk to the guys a little more before the food comes. When it does come I smile and think of an idea. "Does anyone think that I can eat faster than Niall?" They all look at me like I am crazy, except for Ivy, she just laughs, cause she knows that I can. "Okay, if you don't think I can do it, lets make a bet. If I win anyone that says Niall is going to win, including Niall has to be my slave for a week and anyone who thinks i'll win." Niall looks at me and says "okay, but if I win you and anyone who thinks you will win has to be my servant and any one who thinks ill win for a week." I smile and say "Bet is on, who thinks I will win." Zayn and Ivy are the only ones that raise their hands. "Alright, now who thinks Niall will win." Liam, Louis and Harry raise their hands. "Who wants to be the referee, to make sure no one cheats?" Every one looks at Liam. "Liam is is then, tell us when to start."   "Now" he says. 
     I start eating at my full speed, which is much faster than Niall is eating. All the boys are cheering for their team. Liam is watching us like he has hawk eyes to make sure neither of us are cheating. I finish and say "DONE!!" 
    Liam looks to make sure all of my food is gone. "PrimRose is officially the winner." Liam says with a bit of a mad expression. "Yay, yay, yay" I say and do a mini happy dance while Niall is repeating "no no no" under his breath. Zayn, Ivy and I all have group hug. I pull out of the hug and stick my tongue out at Niall an the rest of the boys and say "Hello servants" they all groan, which makes Zayn, Ivy and I all start to laugh. They are so mad about it, an it is making it even funnier. They look like they are all gonna be tortured. 
      Zayn randomly says out of know where "We should play truth or dare, or something when we get back, so we can get to know to better." "I smile and say that sounds like a great idea" when everyone is done with their food Niall pays because he is the looser. Once we get out side and start heading to the bus in scream wait. They all look at me and Ivy starts laughing.  "You guys are our servants, you must give us piggy back rides back to the bus." They all give me an are you kidding me look. "What ever" they say and Niall comes and purr me on this back, Harry comes and takes Ivy and Louis gets stuck with Zayn and has to carry him on his back. Liam takes the opportunity and take lots and lots of pictures. We continue this way all they way back to the bus. There is one thing I notice though Zayn keeps looking at me almost like he is jealous that I'm on Niall's back. The next time I catch him looking at me I give him a really big smile and he smiles back at me. 

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