I Can't Tell You

PrimRose has a secret, no one knows what it is, and bad things will happen if people find out what it is. People are looking for her. She is always on the run, but will she finally stay in one place when she meets 5 certain boys.


7. Almost Completely Sleepless

   After Zayn leaves, I cannot fall asleep. I turn on the tv and try to watch it, but I just turn it off. I toss am turn. Hours pass, and I am still awake. I decide I cannot fall asleep, and I get up to go and knock on Zayn's door.  I walk out the door, and when I go to turn the corner I bump into someone.       I am about to scream, but someone covers my mouth. I look up to see who it is, and sigh, it is just Zayn. A shirtless Zayn. "Zayn what are you doing?" "I could ask you that yourself" "touché" "I couldn't fall asleep, so I was going to knock on your door, what are you doing?" "We'll I couldn't sleep either, so I was going to knock on your door." We smile at each other, and he takes my hand, leading me back to my room.      We get back to my room, and we sit down in my bed. We both decide we will not be getting any sleep, so Zayn puts another movie. I'm not really paying attention to it tho, I am just enjoying Zayn's company while it lasts. When a funny part comes on, I laugh, and Zayn runs my arm again. I look at him, and we look into each others eyes smiling. We lean in, and out lips connect once again.       This feeling never stops when I am with him. I just get little butterflies, and every time we touch I feel little sparks, and when we kiss I fell fireworks. We pull away, and at the same time we both whisper "wow." I laugh a little and ask "do you feel it too?" "Almost like fireworks?" "Yeah" "I defiantly feel is then." We smile again, and continue watching the movie.   *****     When I wake up I am sleeping on Zayn's bare chest. I look over, and Ivy is not in her bed. 'Ivy where are you' I think. 'I'm with Harry, and the rest of the boys, and we wanted to let you to sleep.' 'Alright Ivy'      "Zayn wake up" I whisper. He doesn't wake up. I try shaking him, and it doesn't work, so I press my lips to his, hoping to wake him. It works, he wakes up right away, and pulls me back in for another kiss. I laugh when I pull away, and he smiles. "Morning beautiful" "what are we doing today?" I ask. "I don't know, but hold that thought for a second." His phone starts going off like crazy.     He looks at his phone, and unlocks it. He gets an angry expression and shows me a picture. It is of him and I sleeping last night. "THEY. ARE. DEAD.!" He says with gritted teeth. He grabs my hand, an pulls me out the door towards the boys room.      All the boys are sitting on the bed with Ivy, watching tv. "You're dead" he screams, and they all start laughing. Harry says "Sorry mate, but it was twitter worthy." He groans, and we sit down on the other bed. He whispers into my ear "we are getting them back when they least expect it." I nod and say "I'm the master of revenge."    "What are we doing today?" I ask. "We should go play lazier tag." Replies Liam. "What's that?" I ask, and they all gasp. Zayn says "we are defiantly going, but I am taking you and Ivy shopping first, the boys can come too."       I take Ivy to go and get ready for our day of shopping. We finish quickly because it is our last outfits of clothes. We go out of the hotel room, and wait for the boys in front of their rooms.  Zayn finishes last, but his hair does look amazing.      They all put on sunglasses, and try to disguise themselves. They hand me a hat, because now every one knows who I am because of Harry's tweet. Now it is going to be really easy for the white coats(the kidnappers) to find us.       When we are disguised enough, we leave, and go to the closest clothes store. When we go inside is see a shirt with Zayn's face on it, and more with all of the boys. I laugh, and grab every one that I see. I hide them, and run into the dressing room with Ivy. I put on a shirt with Zayn's face, and then I put a shirt with all of them onto Ivy. Then I put one direction sweat pants in the both of us.  polyvore.com/primrose_on_left_ivy_right/set?id=73248968    I walk out and find Zayn, "how do I look" I say, and twirl around. "Beautiful" he says and kisses me. The boys were apparently watching, because they all say "aww" I roll my eyes, and go back to the changing room. I try on all different types of outfits. Zayn says I look amazing in every outfit I try on. We stay there for hours. By the time we leave, we practically bought every thing in the store. All of us have out arms full with bags.      We walk back to the hotel, and put all our new things in my room. Surprising no one recognized us. Liam remembers some thing, and says "we have a concert tonight, we'll have to go to play lazier tag tomorrow. We all go to out rooms, and get ready for the concert.  
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