When Fame Took Over

What would you do if 6 years of love and laughs just ended and the person who shared those 6 years of memories chose fame over you. Not only does this break Bethany's heart but it changes her into a sulky, sad person.. Until she decided she was going to live her life!


9. Surprises

Chapter 9

Bethany's POV
What?! He still loves me! This is crazy! Why the hell did he say it out loud! Great.... Now the whole world knows! "Listen, I'm sorry but I'm going to miss my flight" I said walking away. Someone grabbed my wrist to stop me "You're not going any where" Harry said  "When did you decide to become my boss!?" I said angrily  
"When you slapped me across the face" he said rubbing his cheek. I smirked back at the memory. " Can you at least stay for a while? You're friends are worried about you! Including me" Niall said. Yeah right, like your worried about me! I saw Harry tense up. His expression on his face was both angry and sad. Wait.... What? Angry? Why is he angry? "Please Bethany?" Harry said looking down. Ugh.... I don't know what to do! " Fine!" I said. Harry's face lit up, his dimples were showing, wow they are so hard to resist! 
Beth.... Look away!  
Look away now!  
He is going to realise!  
"Bethany, stop looking at my sexy dimples!" Harry said chuckling  
I laughed and walked towards the taxi area.  "Where are you going?" Niall said "Home" I said not looking at him. "Why don't we drop you off"  
"No, thanks" 
"Bethany, I told you we are taking you home!" 
"Niall, I said no thank you." I said raising my voice and walked away
Harry's POV- Back at home  
Niall is starting to bug me now, he won't shut the hell up about Bethany telling him off at the airport. I can't blame her, but doesn't she realise that I like her... A lot.  I think i need to tell her or maybe... Just maybe..... Niall.  "Niall can I have your phone for a second please?"  
"um okay" he gave me his phone, I went through his contacts and found the person I needed. I got my phone out and put in the persons details into my phone. "Thanks Niall" i said giving his phone back. "Uh.. That's okay" he said getting up to get food. I got my phone out once again and opened up a new message to send to the person that I needed from Niall's phone: 
"Hey Steph, it's Harry, this might sound odd but can I have Bethany's number?" 
"Hey Harry! Um.... Can I ask why?" 
"I need to talk to her about something very important"
"Well Bethany is over here right now, and we were planning to go out, can I text you when we are done?" 
"Yep sure talk to you later! Have fun! xx" 
"Thanks, talk later! xx" 
*An hour later*
"Hey Harry, Beth and I are done shopping"
"Okay, cool um.... Can you promise me something and that you won't tell?"
"Yep sure, I promise :) " 
"Here is the address to the house where all of us lads live, can you come by with Bethany?" 
"Yeah sure, see you in 20 mins xx"
"Kk, see u then xx"
*20 mins later*
Somebody knocked on the door. I saw Beth and Steph standing at the door. " Hi" they said  
"Hi, Steph you can go inside and can I talk to Beth alone out here"  
"Yep sure, I'll just introduce my self to the others" she said walking in. I closed the door behind me and finally I was with Bethany.  
"Why do you want to talk to me?" she said.  
"I need to talk to you about something....."  
"and that is?" 
" The first time I saw you, you looked amazing, you seemed like a nice girl until I got slapped in the face, but I realised that I needed to know who you are, you seemed you needed help, so I tried to find you but I saw this morning at the air port and I noticed that I wanted to do something" 
"and what is that something?" she said looking a bit confused 
"This" I said. I moved forward and did what I wanted to do, kiss her, but she isn't kissing me back!!! 
Women kiss me back!!!!  
Then all of the sudden the door opens and the next thing I know is that I am on the floor and I heard Bethany scream. 

Thanks toy amazing friend Stephanie who wrote this chapter!!!! Please comment your thoughts! X

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