When Fame Took Over

What would you do if 6 years of love and laughs just ended and the person who shared those 6 years of memories chose fame over you. Not only does this break Bethany's heart but it changes her into a sulky, sad person.. Until she decided she was going to live her life!


6. Reunited- sort of


I just ran. I ran away from my problems. I ran from the sadness, the confusion but most of all I ran from him. Why did this happen now, just when I started fresh.  Is it a sign. Are we meant to be together? 
No it can't be. If we are meant to be he wouldn't of left me. He wouldnt of lost all contact with me. He wouldn't of broke my heart. 

I just need a break from all this and I know just the place! 
Harry's P.O.V
' and I am just your biggest fan! You really are hotter in real life!' The girl I think was named Danielle told me. I chuckled at her excitement. She was really cute, but just not like the other girl that has given me butterflies in the pit of my stomach. Danielle is tall with long, straight, light brown hair, green eyes and a lovely smile, but the mystery girl has long,  brown curly hair with blonde ends, blue eyes and she just has something special. I did see Danielle talking to the girl before. Maybe she knows her!
Nialls P.O.V
Suuuuppperman is here! Louis continuously shouted in my ear. It was getting annoying so I decided to take a stroll. I walked through the dark night with only the moons light showing the small path. I ended up at a park when I see a girl sitting on a swing, all alone. She looks like she is crying. I should see if she is ok. 
I started walking towards her, obviously not quietly like I had planned because she jumped when I reached her. She spun around her beautiful eyes landing on mine. I froze, my breathing stopped. Could it really be her? My princess? The one who I left so long ago but couldn't bear to contact knowing I would get too upset at the sound of her sweet voice.  My face mirrored hers, full of shock. Before I could get a chance to talk she was running. Me being the stupid me was still frozen from shock as I watch her figure disappear into the darkness 

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