When Fame Took Over

What would you do if 6 years of love and laughs just ended and the person who shared those 6 years of memories chose fame over you. Not only does this break Bethany's heart but it changes her into a sulky, sad person.. Until she decided she was going to live her life!


4. Mood swings

I stood there frozen in place, could that really be her? The one who took Niall away from me, the one who encouraged him to join X factor.My blood boiled, she was the one who ruined my life. Steph noticed my sudden mood swing trying to get me to talk but my mind was set on one thing, kill her! I went to lunge but bumped into someone who was really tall, and hot!
Stephs P.O.V
What just happened. One second she was a retarded seal and the next her normally light and happy eyes turned dark, her gaze was fixed on something but all I could see was Charlie and Danielle doing the chicken dance. This made me laugh, but only for a second, only until Beth was gone, well not gone gone but just not next to me! Oh no! What was she  up to.
Danielle's P.O.V
I don't wanna be a chicken I don't wanna be a duck and I wiggle my butt
...... P.O.V
I'm so bored. This club isn't any good. The only entertainment is those drunks doing the chicken  Dance. I'm leaving, going home. There's more entertainment there. 
Ouch, what th- whoah! The hottest looking girl just bumped into me! Maybe this night won't be that boring after all....

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