When Fame Took Over

What would you do if 6 years of love and laughs just ended and the person who shared those 6 years of memories chose fame over you. Not only does this break Bethany's heart but it changes her into a sulky, sad person.. Until she decided she was going to live her life!


1. Memories

We were laughing so hard, we had tears streaming out of our eyes! We were so happy when we were together. Always doing the most stupidest things we could think of. If there was something one of us could do to lift the other persons mood then it would be done.. No matter what.  We were so close and never apart.. Like magnets.  Sometimes repelling but always finding a way to connect again. This was just one of the many memories I had. The only thing linking me to him. The only way I could be with him. Memories. That was all that was left. 

Hey guys. I was really hesitant putting this up. Thanks to Danielle, Steph, Tyla, Monica and mel who gave me courage! So please comment what you think! X

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