When Fame Took Over

What would you do if 6 years of love and laughs just ended and the person who shared those 6 years of memories chose fame over you. Not only does this break Bethany's heart but it changes her into a sulky, sad person.. Until she decided she was going to live her life!


8. I still love you

Chapter 8

Bethany's P.O.V
What were they doing here? Were they trying to stop me? This angered me. How dare he just come back into my life after causing me so much pain  then come and try to mess up my new life. He is so selfish.  
Harry's P.O.V
It's her! My mystery girl! I found her. But how does Niall know her? Cousin maybe? No it couldn't be, they look nothing alike and I have met all his family. 'Bethany I'm so sorry, I still love you' Niall shouted making Bethany look... Angry? 
He loves her, he just said it in front of the whole airport, and paparazzi. He is such an idiot! Bethany is going to get hate. Niall may be innocent but this, the thought of Bethany being upset angered me. He'd better hope paparazzi missed his little 'show' for Bethany's sake, and for mine. It would break my heart if Fans shipped Bethany with Niall, she's mine! 



Updated for my weird friend Tyla! Please comment what you think, vote and share! Thankyou! 

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